Review: The Witching Season (2015)

Over the weekend I was in attendance at Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis.  While there I made a point to head over to the Scream Team Releasing booth to pick up some new Indie horror blu rays.  To my surprise, I saw a blu ray that has not been announced, The Witching Season.

The Witching Season, really isn’t a film.  It really look like an anthology and I have heard from others that is just what it is, an anthology.  Well, after watching the blu ray, it is not a movie, it is not an anthology, but an anthology series.  This is Scream Team Releasing’s first series or show.  When hit play, there is an opening, then the episode, yes I say episode.  Because every “segment” has that same opening and each “segment” is different, they do all seem to take place in the same town or area.  This is actually really great in my opinion, no wrap around segment, but individual episodes that are all different.  This, is a good thing.  Scream Team Releasing chose another good one.

The idea behind the Witch Season is pretty sweet.  Everything I explained in the last paragraph, oops.  It is kind of a breath of fresh air really.  I a short season of episodes set around Halloween and each is different and somewhat original.  I will say, I love the first episode and it is a strong one to start with for sure.  But as I said, each are different and all of them are very good.

One of my favorite things about the Witching Season is the opening.  The opening’s visuals and score are just amazing, really gets you in the mood for a new episode each time.  The video above is the opening.  It takes me back to Halloween 4 the Return of Michael Myers, showing some of the settings around Haddonfield.  The opening sets the tone of the series wonderfully.

The Witching Season is very good and surprisingly shot well and each segment is engaging.  I do recommend picking this up from Scream Team Releasing.  This is the right time, just before Halloween to get you in the Halloween spirit.  Grab your copy of the Witching Season here! has a rating of 6.3

I give The Witching Season a solid 7.0 and I want to see a second season.

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