Horror History: Jaws, 41 Years Later

June 20, 1975.  This day will live in infamy, after this day everyone was afraid to go back in the water.

June 20, 1975 Jaws was released on the world.  During the summer it grossed 470 million dollars and by today’s standards we are talking major summer blockbuster.  With inflation, Jaws would have made $2,091,657,933…yeah.

I have always had such a hard time calling Jaws a horror movie.  To me it is a damn near perfect movie.  Great story, cast, effect and you villain.  Everything you could possibly want for summer blockbuster, Jaws is a perfect summer movie.  It is exciting and scary all at the same time.  You get the feeling we are watching real life unfold before our very eyes.

I can probably say every single line, word for word from Jaws, I have seen it so many times.  Today, I attempt to watch all four Jaws movies, a feat I have never tried.

Jaws is available on Blu Ray, as are the other three movies.

Jaws is an essential horror film, put a star on it.  My question is, does Jaws belong in our Horror Hall of Fame.  I am sure Jaws will make its way on the Horror Syndicate’s Top 100 coming in October.

Smile, you son of a bitch!


Quint, Brody and Hooper


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