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(Ch)Op-Ed #6: Best H.P. Lovecraft Film Adaptations

August 28, 2023 RetRo(n)

H.P. Lovecraft was born August 20, 1890, to affluent parents, although his wealth dissipated after his father was institutionalized and his grandfather died.  Then, in 1919, his mother was institutionalized. Lovecraft published his first short […]

Retro Review

It’s Alive Trilogy Review

August 14, 2023 Racheal Dunn

Throughout our everyday existence while living vicariously through social media, we come across plenty of things to bide our time including questions, polls, surveys, and nostalgic discussions. One that you find in abundance is the […]

Cult Movies

Deep Cuts #6: Disco Prom

August 2, 2023 RetRo(n)

For some reason, I have never seen Prom Night. I bought a 4 pack of the Prom Night franchise on DVD a long time ago, and remember really loving Hello Mary Lou, Prom Night 2 […]

Cult Movies

Deep Cuts #5: T2….by Bruno Mattei?

July 26, 2023 RetRo(n)

Arnold. Edward Furlong. Robert Patrick. Those amazing effects that still stand tall today. Amazing time traveling mind-bending plot points. All awesome. And yet, none of those are present here. Yes, it’s Terminator 2….aka Italian shit […]

Cult Movies

Deep Cuts #4: A Snortin’ Good Time

July 19, 2023 RetRo(n)

1987’s Slaughterhouse always caught my eye at my local video store growing up, but for some unknown reason, I never got around to renting it. I pretty much rented everything else they had to offer, […]

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