Afterlife: The Occult with Eve Lestrange

Summer is slowly coming to an end and now it is time to prepare for the most wonderful time of the year, Fall.
I had the pleasure of meeting a incredible author Eve Lestrange a while back at Monstermania in Cherry Hill, NJ.
I was briefly introduced by my best friends Wilma and Steven during a very hectic chaos filled afternoon while waiting 3 1/2 hours to meet John Cusack.

Eve had a table and was displaying her books for sale which she graciously also signed.
I recently chatted with her about her latest projects.

Let’s meet Eve .
The genre she prefers to write about is Horror and The Occult.  Eve has 3 books out right now. The books are titled Widdershins , Solitary Fire and Path Of Shadows. The main character is a female named Christina Lafage. She is a strong female character and it was important for Eve to write a character like that to illustrate a “female having her own power and independence”. She didn’t want a character that was “sitting around waiting for a sparkly vampire to save her” . Christina Lafage is a 18th century French girl who sells her soul for the black arts.

The books follow Christina through her adventures as she is taught to grow her powers and master the black arts .
The Occult refers to the knowledge of the hidden or knowledge of the paranormal.  Starting at the beginning of the 15th century mostly women were being prosecuted for witchcraft.  If you were found guilty of witchcraft the punishment was barbaric ,such as the stake, gallows or headsman’s  sword .  By the 18th century there was a rise of practices in black magic. Historians often studied and wrote about all of the tragic events  surrounding witch beliefs in Europe during those 200 plus years .
Books allow us to leave our everyday lives and journey to another time and place full of magic . Eve’s books definitely take you on  that journey .

Eve’s top 5 Horror Movies are The Exorcist , The Bride Of Frankenstein, House Of 1000 Corpses , The Omen and Suspiria.
Eve started writing at age 13. A little known fact about her she was a bass player in a band called Empire Hideous for 6 years . When the band broke up she needed a creative outlet and she returned to writing.

Please take a minute to check out Eve ‘s website and also her Facebook page
Her books can be purchased on Amazon
You can meet Eve in person at Monster-Mania Sept 28-30 in Maryland .

Unruly women are always referred to as witches it doesn’t matter what century we are in so from one unruly witch to another thanks for taking the time to speak with Eve .
Coming soon my article on my trip to Salem  called Witches , history lessons and Curfews.
Until next time hugs and hisses

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