THS Lives!

Universal Dracula Films | THS Discourse

October 16, 2022 Ray Marek III

We did three live shows this week, yeah kind of wild.  But our only actual scheduled show was on Universal’s Dracula series. Tonight we are going to talk about the Dracula movies from Universal. Dracula […]

THS Lives!

THS Discourse: Creature From the Black Lagoon

September 29, 2022 Ray Marek III

Last night kicked off our month long appreciation to Universal horror monsters. With summer coming to an end, we figured we’d travel to the Black Lagoon and discuss the last of the Universal monsters, the […]

THS Lives!

Deathproof (2007) – THS Discourse

July 5, 2022 Ray Marek III

Chances are we wont get the opportunity to talk about a Quentin Tarantino film again after this one, so lets dig in to Death Proof. There are a bunch of Tarantino films that have blood […]

THS Lives!

The Discourse Crew Talks Phantasm Live

April 17, 2020 Ray Marek III

Tuesday, the team had our weekly round table to discuss the last great horror film of the 70s, Phantasm. Sit back and join in on the conversation. Check out Discourse LIVE on Facebook, Tuesday and […]


THS Discourse – Practical Effects

April 10, 2020 Ray Marek III

Last night we discussed some of our favorite practical horror effects. Join us next week, Tuesday for our round table discussion on Phantasm and its sequels. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for every single […]

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