Horror News

The Wax Mask (1997) Turns 20 Today!!

April 4, 2017 Jared Letourneau

04/04/1997: The Wax Mask is released in theaters in Italy. Produced by Dario Argento, The Wax Mask was to be Lucio Fulci’s glorious comeback to directing, it was to be his swan song. Sadly Fulci […]

Horror Icons

Horror Icons: Lucio Fulci

February 22, 2017 Jared Letourneau

Since February 2017 is such a special month to us this year, we at the Horror Syndicate wanted to give Lucio Fulci first class treatment. By honoring this month to him, Fulci February. In doing […]

Retro Review

Retro Review: A Cat In The Brain (1990)

February 19, 2017 Jared Letourneau

It’s time to take your Horror Movie medicine again. As we make our way through Fulci February 2017, we’re taking down another dose of the Italian godfather of gore’s medicine. Sure, sometimes it’s bitter to […]

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