Retro Review

Review: Noroi: The Curse (2005)

April 16, 2019 Chuck Ransford

Last week I caught the trailer for an upcoming Unearthed Films release called A Record of Sweet Murder, directed by J-horror director Koji Shiraishi. I had decided this particular film looked good enough to pre-order, and […]

Horror Lists

Ranking the First Wave of Amityville Films

February 25, 2019 Chuck Ransford

There appears to be a theme to the last few articles I have written, that being the events surrounding the tragedy that befell two families during the 1970’s in Amityville, New York. You can read […]

Retro Review

Retro Review: Amityville II: The Possession (1982)

February 19, 2019 Chuck Ransford

In my last article I expressed my disappointment in the newest entry into the Amityville franchise, The Amityville Murders. In the beginning of that article I briefly discussed my infatuation with the DeFeo murders as well […]

Retro Review

Retro Review: The Dead Next Door (1989)

January 29, 2019 Brian White

Playing the remake of Resident Evil 2 this past weekend has put me in a zombie mood. It also got me feeling nostalgic, so I went to my shelf and pulled out my copy of The […]

Retro Review

Retro Review: Zombie Holocaust (1980)

January 23, 2019 Ray Marek III

My feeble attempt in seeing 500 horror movies in the 365 days of 2019 has brought the cannibal horror films to my attention.  I have been burning through a few of them, Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal […]

Retro Review

Retro Review: The Green Inferno (2013)

January 11, 2019 Ray Marek III

It is kind of retro.  We here at the Horror Syndicate are fans of all kinds of horror movies.  Of course horror has many sub-genres, more than any other genre, without a doubt.  Cannibal films, […]

Retro Review

Review: Bird Box (2018)

December 27, 2018 Brian White

Bird Box is one of those kind of movies that nobody can really describe to another person, you have to experience it for yourself. Part of what makes it so hard to talk about is […]

Retro Review

Retro Review: Misery (1990)

October 6, 2018 Keith Saunders

Two nights ago, my girlfriend and I ordered pizza, and as usual, before I touch my food I have to find something to watch. Which is always a struggle with my girlfriend, so one eternity […]

Retro Review

Retro Review: Re-Animator (1985)

October 5, 2018 Keith Saunders

Shudder proves useful ounce more and allows me to finally get around to watching Re-Animator. I see this movie posted, talked about, and cherished by horror fans all over social media. So I decided to […]

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