Hey there boils and ghouls!

My love of horror films came on a dark and stormy night….

….Truthfully, it probably happened in 1980-something during a sunny day when I was 5 or 6. That movie was JAWS. I had never been so terrified to go swimming and I live in a land-locked state! I have been a Horror Hound ever since.
Having seen hundreds of films, some good and some downright dreadful, my love for horror cinema has grown stronger than ever! I have a Sci-Fi nerd wife, which allows us to share movies with each other(while she puts up with MOST of my movies). A couple of my favorite directors are Lucio Fulci and John Carpenter.
Contributing here at T.H.S and being able to work with these other folks will be a treat I like forward to. I will share secrets after a few drinks and I also enjoy long romantic walks in dimly-lit cemeteries.

My fave top 5 films are:

1)Dawn Of The Dead (Original)
2)The Thing (Carpenter’s Remake)
4)Texas Chainsaw Massacre (O.G.)
5)Friday the 13th pt IV: The Final Chapter
Stay Scared!