I inherited my love of halloween and horror movies from my mom. We go to Texas Frightmare Weekend every year, and I’ve just started to branch out and go to other conventions, as well as cosplay at them. In 2017 I cosplayed as Nancy Thompson from A Nightmare on Elm Street, and in 2018 as Ellen Ripley, complete with a facehugger AND chestburster.

My favorite horror movie is Scream, which is highly ironic considering I was deathly afraid of Ghostface, who I had very vivid nightmares about that I still remember perfectly, as a child. Now, the films that scare me the most tend to be about the paranormal.

Even though I’ve pretty much been a life long fan of horror I still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to the classics, ergo my Millennial Morgan Plays Catch Up reviews.

You can follow me on twitter, @Morgan_Jewel_S, where I tweet A LOT about movies of all types and the people in them.





Five films to watch:

1. Hereditary (2018)

2. Hush (2016)

3. Would You Rather (2012)

4. Funny Games (2007)

5. Carrie (2013) ,because everyone already loves the original, but the remake is just as good, and deserves your love too!