Review: Crossbreed (2018)

February 4, 2019 Bryan Enright

Sci-fi action/horror film Crossbreed is a low budget, cyber-punk adventure directed by Brandon Slagle (House of Manson). Starring Vivica A.Fox (Kill Bill) Daniel Baldwin (John Carpenter’s Vampires) and Vernon Wells ( The Road Warrior, Commando), […]


Book Review: Scribe

January 31, 2019 Brock Nicholson

Scribe is a hell of a book. It starts off like any other post-apocalyptic fiction. It dances along that same line that so many other dystopian tales do, somewhere between sci-fi and horror, never putting […]


Free DLC coming for Resident Evil 2

January 29, 2019 Bryan Enright

A few hours ago, Capcom has announced free new DLC The Ghost Survivors coming for Resident Evil 2 such as playing as Kendo, The Mayor’s daughter and a soldier. All of this is starting February […]


Resident Evil 2: Review Pt1 *SPOILERS*

January 26, 2019 Bryan Enright

21 years later since the classic, here we are. Resident Evil 2 Remaster gets released by the same team using the same engine for Resident Evil 7. When footage dropped last year I literally lost […]


Book Review: The Ritual

January 24, 2019 Brock Nicholson

The Ritual made me uncomfortable. From the opening pages to the final conclusion, a sense of wrongness pervades this story, stalking you as surely as some beast stalks the characters. This is a novel of […]


Review: That Night (2019)

January 21, 2019 Brian White

Synopsis: Based on a True Story, Rachel and Josh Pena (Jennifer Nangle and Garret Lee) attend an engagement party when the night unexpectedly turns into a nightmare. THAT NIGHT is a short film (directed by […]


Review: Dry Blood (2017)

January 21, 2019 Jared Letourneau

It has been a few weeks boils and ghouls since I have dripped my horror movie drivel on paper for you. Now that the busy holiday season is behind us, it’s time to get back […]


Review: The Harrowing (2018)

January 13, 2019 Brian White

Synopsis: Haunted by the  ritualistic  killing  of  his  best  friend,  a  vice  detective determined  to discover  the  truth  goes  undercover  into  a  forensic  hospital  and  is  plunged  into  his  own personal  hell where demons  might  be  […]

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