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The Omen Franchise Ranked

June 7, 2024 Ray Marek III

Its been a long time since I’ve taken the time to write an article.  It’s mostly because of what Godaddy has done to us, restricting our ranking on Google unless we pay them thousands of […]

Horror Lists

Top 15 Found Footage Films: (Ch)Op-Ed #18

March 5, 2024 RetRo(n)

Found footage is a genre that caught fire in the late 90s with Blair Witch, having numerous ups and downs, perhaps peaking with the Paranormal Activity franchise. With so many sequels, each with diminishing returns, […]

Horror Lists

Pet Sematary Franchise Ranking

October 9, 2023 Seth T. Miller

This seems like a pretty easy franchise to rank. Not only because there’s just four films so far, but also because of the varying quality from each film. Still though, I love these films, and […]

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