Artist Spotlight: Chris Enterline

March 16, 2018 Ray Marek III

We are going to have to attach a name to this interview.  Chris Enterline is the artist resposinble for the web comic series, Cenobun.  So, Mike Lombardo is the writer, yes that Mike Lombardo, the director […]

Horror News

Volumes of Blood: Body Count the Game is Out!

March 2, 2018 Ray Marek III

From Blood Moon Pictures and Mythmaker Games comes the newest in table top terror. Take on the role of a horror film Director and use killers, locations, weapons and characters from the Volumes of Blood […]

Horror Blu Ray/DVD News

Arrow Video: Rawhead Rex U.K. Title

February 23, 2018 Ray Marek III

After many years ink DVD obscurity, Rawhead Rex now has two options to buy on Blu Ray.  Arrow Video is releasing one just for the UK and anyone who is region free.  Check it out. […]

Horror Blu Ray/DVD News

Arrow Video: The Last House on the Left

February 23, 2018 Ray Marek III

Finally the Wes Craven classic gets a decent release!  Arrow announcing some titles today and we are posting a few that catch our eye.  The first, the Last House on the Left. From the Facebook […]

Horror Lists

Hellraiser Film Ranked!

February 17, 2018 Ray Marek III

We have such sites to show you! I am a fan of the Hellraiser series and I like about seven of the films.  I have tried with the other three, but damn it they are […]

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