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10/31 part III Now Funding on Indiegogo

March 15, 2021 Ray Marek III

We’ve always tried to do our best in supporting Indie Horror.  One of our favorite Halloween Horror Anthologies is turning into a trilogy.  With 10/31 part 2 being very strong, we knew it was only […]


THS Discourse S2 E04 – Shine On!

February 5, 2021 Ray Marek III

Every Tuesday Nate, Jared, Seth and Ray sit down and discuss Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.  Join in and listen to the crew discuss a legendary film. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel and ring the […]


THS Discourse S2 Ep2 – The VVitch

January 24, 2021 Ray Marek III

  The Witch!  A very immersive film that is not only a horror film, but even more.  Nathan, Seth, Jared and Ray discuss their thoughts on the Witch.  They break down scenes, dialog and set […]

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