Horror News

Trailer: Force to Fear (2019)

November 15, 2018 Ray Marek III

“Force To Fear” is an 80’s style indie action thriller. Written by Chad Bruns and Zane Hershberger. Brought to you by the team that created “The Barn” and “10/31”. Two kidnappers, a dealer, a group […]


Monster Vinyl in Collinsville, IL

November 5, 2018 Ray Marek III

Living in the mid-west, near St. Louis, we are seeing the death of the small business owner.  Growing up in the 90s especially we had some really cool places to go and check out food, […]

Horror News

Indiegogo: Halloween: The Face of Michael Myers

October 27, 2018 Ray Marek III

Marking 40th Anniversary of Iconic Halloween Franchise, Filmmakers Launch Indiegogo Campaign for Innovative Fan Film Halloween: The Face of Michael Myers. What is the true nature of Michael Myers? Hawthorne House Films and filmmaker Stephen […]

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