Fresh Meat #7: The Jester (2023)

October 12, 2023 RetRo(n)

The Jester is one of those movies that apparently was in theaters very briefly, and then released recently on VOD. The cover is very intriguing, with a typical slasher villain that strikes me as derivative […]


Fresh Meat #6: Cobweb (2023)

October 8, 2023 RetRo(n)

This was one of those horror films that has been generating some buzz, and I decided it was high time to check it out. Produced by horror movie icons Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, wait, […]


Fresh Meat #3: Talk to Me (2023)

October 3, 2023 RetRo(n)

I generally enjoy A24 films, so I am excited to see this one. I have purposefully ignored trailers and reviews to try and go in as blind as possible. Not much of a theatergoer anymore, […]

Cult Movies

Fresh Meat #2: AIMEE: The Visitor (2023)

September 20, 2023 RetRo(n)

Full disclosure: I am a Full Moon homer. I grew up on Puppet Master, Subspecies, Trancers, Demonic Toys, Netherworld, Dollman, Dark Angel, Bad Channels, and so many more. I would patiently wait for my turn […]

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