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Retro Review: Transylvania 6-5000 (1985)

September 4, 2017 Ray Marek III

Jared gave us a look back in to the fun of the 1980s horror comedy style movies with the Monster Squad.  While the Monster Squad is certainly one of my favorite movies growing up, I […]

Retro Review

DOA Review: The Lock In (2014)

July 12, 2017 Baron Craze

DOA Case #0020 The latest exhumed grave reveals an odd autopsy of the first Christian horror movie from a distributor called Holy Moly Pictures, already aligning itself in ridiculousness, but it considers their movie a […]

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Review: It Comes At Night (2017)

June 28, 2017 David Jeffery

Synopsis: Secure within a desolate home as an unnatural threat terrorizes the world, a man has established a tenuous domestic order with his wife and son, but this will soon be put to test when […]

Retro Review

Retro Review: The Gate (1987)

May 30, 2017 Ray Marek III

For the past year, I have been trying to conquer my fears.  Horror films I saw as a kid have been released by Scream Factory or Vestron recently.  But, honestly it started a while ago […]

Retro Review

Retro Review: Aliens (1986)

May 27, 2017 Jared Letourneau

Fresh off the theatrical release of Ridley Scott’s newest installment to his Alien franchise, Alien: Covenant on May 19th, we here at The Horror Syndicate dubbed this past week ‘Alien Week’. Because not only did […]

Retro Review

Retro Review: Alien 3 (1992)

May 22, 2017 Ray Marek III

Alien 3 is possibly the most controversial entry of the entire Alien film series.  After Aliens, fans wanted more and Alien 3 was a long awaited, 6 years it took to come out.  It was […]

Retro Review

Retro Review: Madman (1982)

May 20, 2017 Jared Letourneau

If you a seasoned veteran reader of The Horror Syndicate website, you may know that I am obsessed with Italian horror, zombie flicks and slashers. If you aren’t a seasoned reader of the site, to […]

Retro Review

Retro Review: TerrorVision (1986)

May 16, 2017 Ray Marek III

Pardon me as I try to get back in to the swing of things. You may remember a couple of weeks ago I did a review for a film called the Video Dead.  Scream Factory […]

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