Frightful Friday: What kind of Horror Fan Are You?

Welcome to another edition of Frightful Friday!

In my continued attempt to see what makes up our horror community, I was wondering what kind of horror fan you are? Do you wear Dawn of the Dead shirts? Maybe you ask off for a mid-night showing of a classic?

Casual Viewer

These are people who horror fans, they would pick a good slasher over most films, but they don’t get into the merchandising. They just want to see the movies, or read the books. It is just a form of media.

Carnival Lovers

These are people who love the spectacle that comes with horror conventions, they love the costumes and the crazy ways people express their fandom.

Collect’em All

This is a fan that will watch every crappy movie, no matter how bad (because any seasoned horror fan knows there is bad/good and then just bad/bad). This person always has a huge DVD collection, and normally a good amount of VHS, because some movies are all but impossible to rent.

Trivia Monsters

Like the Carne Lovers, these folks love to get caught up in the scene, but they like the little tid-bits that any ghoulish production is bound to have. Best not argue with these folks, they know their stuff.

Masters of the Macabre

The MotM live, and breath horror. They have posters up in their room, all of their clothing is either horror inspired or horror tee’s. They go to conventions when they can, and they love to talk about horror with anyone and everyone.  They put the fan in fanatic, and grin knowing that they are scarier then the Star Trek/Wars crowd.

Anyway, that is the beginnings of my list, I am hoping that you can help me flesh it out, maybe comment on some of the names. Most importantly, which ones of these represent you? You can be more than one, or if none of these really hit the spot, give me a new category.

I guess I would be a Carne, Trivia Monster. Although I verge on MotM…. Hmmm… Hard to say, this list will need more categories…


That is all for this weeks post. I am going to be playing around with the site this week, nothing major but don’t be surprised if the post are more frequent. As always, this blog is about us, so let me know if there is something that you would like to see.

Also, there will be no New Rental Release Review this week, because unless I missed a title, there is not a single horror release this week.

Enjoy, comment often.  We love to hear from you!

~Reverend Krueger

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