Going West pt 2

Part 2 of my road trip to Roswell, New Mexico.

The truth is out there and I was determined to comb through every inch of Roswell , New Mexico until I found it .

In the summer of 1947 a rancher named “Mac” Brazel had reported that there was debris from an aircraft crash on his ranch . He had collected some of the debris which resembled tin foil consistency . The rancher reported that there were 4 bodies ejected from the aircraft and that one was still alive . He said the smell from the bodies was unbearable. He told his neighbors about what he found and what he witnessed.

Military learned of this event and immediately shut all communication down and took over the ranch . The rancher , his neighbors and the local radio station were threatened to stop talking about the incident . Dwight D. Eisenhower was president at the time and ordered the FBI to take over all material related to this incident . They released a statement saying that the witnesses were mistaken and that the material was from a weather balloon and the “ bodies “ were dummies .

However newspaper clippings debunk this and also “ Sahara Sam” military dummies were not even created until 1949.

Steven Spielberg’s 1977’s Close Encounters Of The Third Kind is similar to what that farmer went through in Roswell . Richard Dreyfuss witnesses a unidentified flying object and is determined to prove there is alien life forms out there .

Well I’m convinced that the farmer told the truth in Roswell , New Mexico . The big question is do creatures from another planet come in peace or are they here with a much more darker agenda?

1951’s The Thing scientists discover a spacecraft with a frozen pilot creature . They take the creature back to the station and accidentally thaw it out . The creature reeks havoc on everyone . The creepiest part of this movie is how the upper class day to day life is disrupted by this alien invasion and this movie makes this scenario seem like it could really happen .

In 1978’s Invasion Of The Body Snatchers Donald Sutherland is sent to San Francisco’s to investigate strange behavior of his co workers boyfriend . The aliens are taking over human bodies and tossing their corpses out like trash .

1979’s Alien a spaceship lands on a planet to answer a distress call when a creature attaches itself to a crew member and the mayhem ensues as the alien lays eggs and begins to take over the ship killing the crew until our girl Ripley ( Sigourney Weaver ) fights back . These aliens were not our friends . The distress call was actually a warning .

In 1996’s Independence Day the aliens crash to earth and one is taken to be held in a secrecy military scientific center . The creature then attacks the scientists and demands to be set free. The aliens then proceed to start a war with the humans on earth and Wil Smith must stop them . These aliens were not friendly .

2002’s M.Night Shyamalan the aliens are sending signals in the form of crop circles on a family farm . The aliens did not come in peace and the family must fight back to survive .

2005’s Steven Spielberg’s War Of The Worlds shows that the aliens have come to earth to destroy every human they can . The humans must fight back to survive in the middle of complete destruction .

There has been a movie and a tv series made about the incident in Roswell, New Mexico . 1994’s Roswell movie tells the story of the incident and how Kyle MacLachlan’s character is determined to go behind the cover up and find out what really happened . Showing the scientists “ studying “ the alien that was recovered from the crash site .

After spending sometime in the U.F.O museum in Roswell I am completely convinced this incident happened , there was a cover up and that aliens do exist.

Here are some pictures for you to decide for yourself .

In my opinion 1982’s Steven Spielberg’s E.T. had such a profound impact on me as a child . A little alien named E.T. Is left behind on Earth as his spaceship takes off without him. With the help of his human earthling friends he is able to phone home and return to his planet .

I took a picture of the presidents agreeing to fund research for space travel . Which indicates that something ( maybe the Roswell incident ) definitely sparked a conversation that there could be more life forms out there in space .

It is completely arrogant to think that we are the only life forms out there in this solar system .

Maybe we have come across alien life ….

“It’s life Jim just not as we know it “ – Star Trek

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