Let’s Get Mental -My Interview With Richard Myles

My girlfriend suggested I reach out to a guy she used to work with named Richard Myles.

Let me give everyone some insight into one of the most interesting and creative people I have had the pleasure to get to know .

I asked Richard what has drawn him to the horror genre and he said that ever since he was young he liked the idea of watching a movie and being scared and then problem solving. The genre completely intrigued him.

 One of the many skills Richard has is that he creates music for horror films . Richard created 10 albums total. The second album he co produced with Shawn Clement from Chemistry Music.  Shawn wrote the score for Quantum Quest.

Richard was also interviewed by Rolling Stone Magazine regarding his 5th album .

You can check his music out on Sound Cloud  – Richard Myles 4747

Song Cast Music


IMDb.com / name/ nm3231386

MySpace -mylesofmusic

As I listened to his music, I started to think about the importance of music in horror films. Music creates the atmosphere in the movie that triggers the viewers’ emotions.

The iconic first notes of Jaws by John Williams will forever instill fear into our hearts knowing that the shark is inevitably approaching the unsuspecting victim.

The first haunting notes composed by John Carpenterin Halloween goes right to the heart of the viewer, building the suspense of Micheal Myers.

The infamous screeching sounds in the shower scene of Psycho  was  composed by Bernard Hermann and terrifies us all as Norman Bates’ knife rips through the shower curtain into Janet Leigh’s character.

Besides the classic scenes above, horror has always been a genre that combined Rock ‘N’ Roll bands  and movies.

Everyone remembers the Dokken song from Nightmare On Elm Street “Dream Warriors” . Even if you didn’t like the film you liked that song . The Crow soundtrack also featured Stone Temple Pilots song “The Big Empty “which was a huge hit.

I’m currently reading Slash’s memoir entitled “Slash “ and he describes recording “Sympathy For The Devil “ for the movie, “Interview With A Vampire”. He said the song was a huge hit but in his words “ that’s what it sounds like when a band is breaking up “ it was the height of the downfall and break up of Guns N Roses.

There have been studies done where scientists  play a film scene to  an audience  from a horror movie with no sound and no music and then observe the audience’s reactions. Then the scientists play the exact same scene with the music added in and  the audience has a completely different reaction.

Getting back to the subject of my interview, Richard’s music perfectly captures the element of fear and anticipation of what the killer is going to do next.

Richard’s independent film titled “ Mental Scars “ features a killer slashing his way through unsuspecting victims.

When I first looked at the trailer I thought WOW this is the perfect platform to spotlight his work because a lot of us at The Horror Syndicate are huge 80’s slasher film fans.

The character of the killer looks like a cross between Chainsaw and a mutant . It is implied that the killer was bandaged from a very bad accident . ( I should mention that Richard is also playing the part of the killer )

Without remorse you see the killer feast on the body of a baby. The creepy gore factor pushes the limits in this film.

I highly suggest checking out Mental Scars  on YouTube. There are also interviews, the soundtrack to the film and his fundraiser campaign.

Richard’s next goal is to be able to make a 2 part feature film. As an example of this concept, look no further than Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s classic 2007’s double feature film under Grindhouse. The first part, “Death Proof”,was Tarantino’s version  of  a slasher movie. The second part  features Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror “ a look at  life during  a zombie outbreak.

To me the two director’s whole concept of  a double horror movie was unique, amazing and new.

Richard is hoping to accomplish this as well which is why, as a writer for this platform I am honored to spotlight independent films rather than recycle the same movies and actors over and over.

Richard is also a gifted psychic / medium . For people who are unfamiliar, a psychic is a person who uses extra sensory perception to get information that would not be picked up on from a person’s  normal senses . Psychics can use telepathy or clairvoyance to get their message across to the client . A medium is the practice of mediating communication between the dead and the living.

Humans have been fascinated with communicating with the dead since the beginning of time.

Mediumship gained the most popularity during the nineteenth century, when ouija boards were  created and used by wealthy people as a source of entertainment.

After finding out about Richard’s varied talents by doing a reading with him, I started thinking about some of the horror movies that touched on the subject of angels or spirit guides that help the main characters in the film.

In Poltergeist, Tangina Barrons is a medium that the family uses to try and communicate with the dead to find their little girl Carol Ann who has gone missing into another realm.

In Pet Semetery, Victor Pascow is a spirit that tries to warn Louis about the sour land .

In The Sixth Sense Bruce Willis’s character is actually a spirit that is counseling  the little boy throughout the film.

I am fascinated by all of it and I could go on and on about this subject but that is for another article .

I hope I was able to give you a brief glance into Richard’s world.

Richard has many different aspects to his creative life.  A true renaissance man .

It made me think of a quote by Leonardo Di Vinci “ It has long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sit back and let things happen to them . They went out and happened to things .”

Until next time hugs and hisses


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