Monster-Mania Summer 2018 part 1

Monstermania took place in Cherry Hill, NJ this weekend.
Chuck Ransford and myself attended the event . Please check out Chuck’s Fb and insta for his amazing pics .
I have to say things definitely went smoother this time since bracelets were implemented as a way of checking into the event .
It was extremely busy all 3 days. I was so excited to support the vendors and see the actors .

My first stop was to see friend of The Horror Syndicate, Loren W. Lepre . I picked up The Dark Military out on blu ray, a sticker , a signed poster and a pint glass. FYI I don’t drink beer but tequila in a pint glass never hurt anyone!

I  picked up a signed copy of Vampires Of New Jersey by Alton Simpson and also a signed copy of Penny Dreadful by Carl Paolino.

I visited Father Evil and the vendors in the other convention room . Amanda Wolfson was there with her Baby Bat Beauty products.  Pallbearer press was there with amazing merchandise. American Exorcist provided Bill Moseley with swag bags to give out . Bill also did a costume photo opp with Sid Haig who is so cool and funny! 

Moving along into the celebrity room there were so many great actors and actresses to meet.
One of the things I have noticed from attending several horror cons at this point is wrestling is a huge attraction .
The lines for the wrestlers are always out the door and  into the hallway .
Everyone was so excited to see Robert Englund , Kane Hodder, Justin Long , Shannon Elizabeth, Rob Schneider , Pauly Shore and Doug Bradley just to name a few attendees .

I wanted to meet Andrew McCarthy so I quickly got in line. Growing up I loved Pretty In Pink, Less Than Zero , St.Elmo’s fire and Mannequin.  He looked amazing . I definitely fan girled out when I was talking to him . He was so sweet and we made small talk . I didn’t know he was from Jersey also.  The Less Than Zero scene when he and Jami Gertz are kissing in the convertible while motorcycles are driving by them is such a iconic  scene . My other favorite scene is when he and Jami have a “ adult “ moment while a Van Halen song is playing in the background.
I told him I loved that scene and we laughed . He was such a down to earth cool person.

Shopping at the vendor tables, supporting independent projects and meeting actors are why I enjoy attending the cons .
However the real experience goes down in the thick of the crowd and especially in the bar lounge .
Shout out to my rowdy fun bar patrons and to the guy bartender you definitely made the weekend fun ! Always always always tip your bartender  and servers without them you are going to be hangry , angry and dehydrated.  No air conditioning and crowds take a lot of patience , alcohol and fattening bar food  to calmly remind yourself to not give a fuck and just have fun sweating to death .

Moving into the crowd is my favorite part because I get to meet the hard core fans and cosplayers .
I was so excited to see a lot of women participating at the event.
I met 3 girls who traveled all the way from Montreal in costume to be at the event !
My favorite costumes were , baby from House Of A Thousand Corpses, the 2 girls dressed as dead cheerleaders from House Of A Thousand Corpses, Mother of Dragons  girl , Lily Munster , Lydia Deets and all of the girls who just dressed up as themselves but with scary girly twists !

It makes me so happy to see girls expressing their love of horror and their creative sides.
With each article I write I encourage all of you to keep being yourself and just know that you are inspiring the younger girls to know that you do deserve to be recognized in the horror community .
Thank you to all of you who took the time to talk to me and take pics . #horrorfam
Check out our Facebook page The Horror Syndicate for pics from the event by photographer Scott Gallagher and also our insta
Stay tuned for part 2 inspired by the event
Until next time hugs and hisses Jenny

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