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Everyone’s favorite red head is back only this time he brought some friends along. Directly continuing after The Curse Of Chucky, Nica (Fiona Dourif-daughter of Brad Dourif) finds herself paralyzed after her last encounter in The Curse of Chucky. Andy (Alex Vincent) is living his life as normal as he can considering his past and how he is haunted by the murders of people he was close to.
Spoiler free review though. What I admired about The Curse of Chucky was the post credits showing Andy blasting Charles Lee Ray in the face with a shotgun as if the entire movie had lead up to this point. The Cult of Chucky does have a post credit scene but the movie itself was not spectacular. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of positive comments to give such as the return of Tiffany/Jennifer Tilly in her brief cameo. I really enjoyed how lost,beautiful and creepy Nica was portrayed by Fiona Dourif (who looks just like her father). I enjoyed Andy’s comeback as he was hell bent on putting down Chucky once and for all. The first half of the movie was extremely enjoyable as Nica finds herself in a minimum security psychiatric facility with other patients who give stand out performances such as Adam Hurtig as Michael, and Elizabeth Rosen as the deliciously mentally psychotic Madeline.
My overall negative experience with The Cult of Chucky was the “31 effect” where you have director Don Mancini who is know for continually returning as the mastermind behind all of his Child’s Play movies and he is loved and trusted with his vision but then the story gets weak, snaps like an expanded rubber band. The second half of The Cult of Chucky was as if Mancini was rushing a 3 hour movie into the last 30 minutes leading up to a cliffhanger for another Chucky flick. Don Mancini isn’t ready to end his story but for me as the audience, I have no idea where we are going.
Universal Pictures just released the Chucky series on bluray which features the Unrated version of The Cult of Chucky. Netflix only has the R rated cut (Go with the unrated cut, trust me).

If you are a fan of the series, great! If you plan on watching this one without any knowledge of post Child’s Play 3 series then you’ll be disappointed. Overall The Cult of Chucky is beautifully done with a ton of gore and of course, Chucky’s bad ass temperament.


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