Bloody Streaming Roulette: Dead In Tombstone (2013)

Welcome back boils and ghouls to another installment of Bloody Streaming Roulette! If you read my random selection last week, then you will know that my BSR winning streak came to a screeching halt. Let’s Be Evil (2016) while a decent science fiction film, really didn’t do it for me and deliver the gruesome goods in the horror category. The film I landed on this week is a genre hybrid as well. But will this week’s movie gamble suffer the same fate? Let’s find out.


Dead In Tombstone (2013)

We find ourselves following a band of killers, traitors and bank robbers. The Blackwater Gang. This group of misfits is lead by Guerrero (Danny Trejo) and his brother Red Cavanaugh (Anthony Michael Hall). Don’t even get me started on how these two are brothers. It’s never explained. But soon the gang catch wind of a little mining town in the midst of a mineral rights struggle. So, all the gold mined is not leaving this town until the courts can decide who has the rights to it all. Looking for a quick score the Blackwater gang ride into town. After taking control of the town, a power grab takes place. Ultimately leading to Trejo being backstabbed and murdered in cold blood by his brother. Trejo wakes up in hell. Desperate for revenge Trejo strikes a deal with the devil played by Mickey Rourke. 24 hours to kill all of his Blackwater posse, six men in total, in exchange for his eternal soul. Can Guerrero finish his blood raged revenge in time?

If you couldn’t tell by my brief synopsis above, this flick is a western. IMDB identifies this film as an Action|Western|Horror. Before going any further, I’ve always liked a good Danny Trejo movie. Hell, I even liked Zombie Hunter (2013). This film is really no different. It’s a Trejo film. All of his brute machismo is there. Dead in Tombstone was directed by Roel Reine. I remembered Reine from his disappointing sequel The Man with the Iron Fists 2 (2015). So, I delved a little deeper into his filmography, he directed classics such as Death Race 2 (2010) and Hard Target 2 (2016). This immediately gave me a bad feeling of what was to come. Apparently, Reine has made a career of directing disappointing sequels. But this film may be an exception.

As I mentioned this is a western. A completely stereotypical western fueled by revenge, whiskey and gunfire. It is a decently well-made western on a low budget. But is it a horror movie? FUCK NO IT’S NOT! The only way I can see this movie even being given a horror label is because the devil is involved. Although there was one gorific death scene, where a guy gets his face shot off by a cannon.

If you like Danny Trejo and westerns, this film will deliver the goods. I was actually surprised to have enjoyed it. But if you are scrolling through the horror section of Netflix and come across Dead in Tombstone, skip it. It is not a horror film. If you end up enjoying this movie, a sequel entitled Dead Again in Tombstone is slated for release September 1st 2017, I will most likely pass on that. With that being said, since this game is called Bloody Streaming Roulette, I think you know where this game is headed.

Fuck me… Two straight losses. I need to go drown my sorrows with whiskey and some Fulci now…

Dead in Tombstone is #deadtorights

IMDB: 4.8/10

ZombiSurvivor: 6.0/10 (Only because it was an okay western)

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