Blue Underground: The New York Ripper 4k Coming Soon!

I have always been impressed with every Blue Underground release I have seen.  The latest edition to my collection is Lucio Fulci’s Zombie with a 4k restoration.  It is THE edition of Zombie to have in your collection.  Then there is also Maniac, I mean how many more will Blue Undeground give us?

Blue Underground has release the New York Ripper before and it is ok, not much on the special features, but the movie looks and sounds good.  So, when they announced a 4k restoration coming soon, I got excited.  Now, there is not much known, release date or features, we do know it is coming.

From Blue Underground Facebook page:

Our 4K restoration of Lucio Fulci’s THE NEW YORK RIPPER is almost finished. If you liked our restoration of ZOMBIE, wait until you feast your eyes on RIPPER!!


A homicidal madman’s vendetta against promiscuous women is taken to grisly extremes on the streets of Manhattan.

The New York Ripper is pretty damned good and super erotic.  Fulci leaves behind his zombies and the Gates of Hell for New York, check it out!


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