Review: Bus Party to Hell (2018)

Move Over Sharknado, The Bus Party is Here

Bus Party to Hell directed by Rolfe Kanefsky who has made a name for himself directing a bunch of the Emmanuelle.  Through Time flicks and written a bunch of B movie horror films such as Nightmare Man which was part of the 8 Films to Die for. Kanefsky goes all out with gore, boobies, demons and blood orgies in this campy B horror film that pays homage to 80’s Hollywood trash ( WHICH I FUCKING LOVE!!!!) Tara Reid is on board as the top billed actor and one of the executive producers as well as the Mahal Empire’s Sonny Mahal and writer Michael Mahal and guess what? They deliver the goods, no really, THE GOODS!.

When Party Bus to Hell begins, it feels like a direct to SYFY movie but don’t let that fool you. Bus Party to Hell goes from tame to extreme leaving the viewer to have fun, laugh and be mesmerized by the extreme gore and “gratuitous” nudity. Filled with non-stop cheesy one liners from start to finish,  Bus Party to Hell creates some hilarious scenarios for the viewer to remember and quote after the movie is over. Tara Reid, starts Bus Party to Hell off with a chase from some type of ancient curse that has killed everyone she was with and wonders through the west-coast desert trying to survive. Afterwards, we are greeted by a lone hitcher named Lara, played by Stefani Blake who hops on a free party bus to The Burning Man festival to have a good time. On the bus, we have party goers who are looking to “fuck, do drugs, get fucked up and fuck some more” as they venture off into the desert for a wild weekend. Once the bus stops the real party begins as satanism, dismemberment and curses wreak havoc among the party goers. Actors, Devanny Pinn “South Jersey represent!” makes a killer cameo (House of Manson, Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery) as well as Elissa Dowling (We Are Still Here, Bonejangles), Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6, Blood Feast) and Robert Rhine with an enormous cast that bring Bus Party to life.

Bus Party to Hell is one hell of a good time and deserves a nice spot in campy throwbacks that work! Check out the trailer and check out Bus Party to Hell on VOD platforms now and the bluray release  June 12th, 2018 as well as REDBOX in the near future.

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