REVIEW: Clown (2016)


This seems to be the year of the clowns. With IT remake already in production after a long history of directors dropping out in preproduction it wasn’t until 2016 that IT finally gets the green light. So that being said, back in 2013 the Director of Clown, John Watts and Christopher D Ford made a fake movie trailer called Clown. Eli Roth, who was never attached to the trailer said “it was ballsy” to slap his name on a movie he wasn’t involved with but he wanted to give these guys a shot at making the demonic clown movie. imageAfter Clown was finished Clown began its first European tour in 2014 hitting Italy’s shelves first and started gaining notoriety throughout the rest of the world. I don’t remember why it took 2 years for Clown to get a release in the US but the company backing Clown up is Dimension which is distributed by the Weinstein’s (in my opinion the best duo in charge of big budget horror) , the same company that brought us Scream.

Critics are raving over Peter Storemare’s imageperformance but I think the real honor should go to Andy Powers for his portrayal of the loving father to child-eating demon clown. This movie resembles Cronenberg’s The Fly when it comes to the rise and fall of protagonist turn villain due to body horror.


This is a spoiler free review, I usually don’t do spoiler free but this is one for everyone to check out. Out of 5 stars I’ll give this a 4 out of 5 only because of all the hype and after watching he final product I wanted more!

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