Dutch is back



Schwarzenegger has been confirmed to return in Predator 4

This weekend at Monster Mania in Cherrywood NJ, I was getting an autograph from a certain celebrity (I won’t name, so thrill me) and I asked them “what was it like to work with Fred Dekker?”

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Fred Dekker and Shane Black who have been friends since before Night of the Creeps, have teamed up again for the new Predator movie. “The Celebrity” told me that the duo have remained best friends and they signed on to make the sequel to Predator. Shane Black ( writer for Lethal Weapon, Monster Squad, Iron Man) was in the original Predator movie as well with Arnold and Black was directing the new sequel. Then I was told that Arnold has officially signed on and will be returning as Dutch, verifying the rumor that Dutch will return and star in the new film. No word on the return of Danny Glover or Adrian Brody but I trust Black and Dekker to bring us the ultimate finale and ending the story.


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