Fender Bender is No Accident

Fender Bender, a Scream Factory release (I believe the first movie to be produced and distributed by Scream Factory) is a horror/slasher staring Bill Sage (We Are What We Are/ American Psycho) as our killer, the driver. The Driver, targets girls to rear end with his car to exchange information so he can find out where they live and murder them at night. The movie is very easy to watch and has a great synthwave score to back it up. What stuck with me were the grisly kills. The gore delivered and oh-man was it gory. Fender Bender feels like a retro-slasher complimenting the likes of My Bloody Valentine and The Prowler. Awesome is the sauce that is deliver in the final 45 minutes. I will admit, I tried watching Fender Bender on Chiller last year. I made it up to the first 30 minutes of the movie but turned it off because it felt like a Hallmark Channel movie. Don’t let the first half discourage when watching Fender Bender for the movie perfectly lines up cliche victims you will not care about.

Scream Factory release of Fender Bender includes a vintage VHS filter that really polishes Fender Bender making the movie look like a lost slasher from the mid 80’s. I highly recommend buying Fender Bender unless you’re looking for a rainbow and puppy ending where everyone lives happily ever after.
Fender Bender can also be found on Shudder through your Roko App or smart phone.

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