Game Review: The Walking Dead Season 2

I reviewed Season 1 of the The Walking Dead last month.  I finished playing Season 2 and went directly into playing Season 3.  Season 1 took hours to finish, where I finished Season 2 and 3 in the same amount of time it took to finish the first.

If you have not played Season 1, there are spoilers.  This also follows the short, 400 days.  Oh and spoilers for Season 2 of the Walking Dead.

Season 2 picks up shortly after Season 1, Clementine is with Omid and Christa and the player gets to actually play as Clem.  Eventually Omid gets killed and Clem and Christa get split up.  Clem gets bitten by a dog and finds some people who take her back to their cabin.  They fear that she is bitten by a walker, they lock her in a shed.  Where you the player get to put stitches in your own arm.  This shows how tough Clementine really is and she is tough.  Eventually you get into the house and when everyone goes out, you meet, Carver.  He is a dick, looking for the group Clem stumbled on and Rebecca a pregnant woman.

There is a lot of tension within this group and they decide to keep moving, because Carver is bad news.  Clementine is reunited with Kenny from Season 1.  It is a nice moment and for me it was good to see Kenny, who hasn’t changed much.  He is still very angry, but the dude has been through a ton.  Eventually, we end up at Carver’s place with his group of jerk off followers, and the survivors from 400 Days are a apart of Carver’s group, which I thought was funny, a couple were missing.  Carver’s people are hold up in a Lowe’s type hardware store, which could work…if the doors are properly blocked.  I wrote a zombie comic that begins at a Home Depot, but the doors become compromised.  Forget about that, the comic will never see the light of day.  I think the zombie phenomenon is almost dead…get it.

Ok, back on track.  Season 2 has some heart pounding moments a few decisions I just did not want to make, especially at the end.  I mean, being there at the end with Lee, I knew it was coming, but some of these decisions were tough.  The decision at the end was the worst.  There were great characters that would be big influences on Clem, like Luke and Jane.  That is one of the biggest things, the characters are so much different from the first Season, there are more dicks and more worthless characters.  But I enjoyed the characters and I loved using Clem.  That may have been the best part, using a “little girl” who influenced the story and where it was going.  Some of it did not make sense.  For instance, Kenny was losing his shit and the adults depended on Clem to try and get him to help.  What in the hell?

Anyway, just like Season 1, this was made more for fans of the comic.  It follows the same timeline as the comics, just different characters.  There is a Michonne spin-off game, that actually takes place during the comics and tells the story of what she did when she disappears for a short time.  That is up next for me.  Up next for you, will be my review of The Walking Dead New Frontier, the third season.

I loved Season 2, play it if you played season 1.  Also, Clementine is awesome!

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