George Romero’s Day of the Dead was released 31 Years Ago!

First came the night…then came the dawn…

Has it been that long?  Well, for me it doesn’t matter, although, it is strange that I chose today to post my article on the Modern Zombie.  In that post I called Romero’s Day of the Dead the best zombie movie ever made.  I firmly believe that statement and stand by it.  Think about this, Romero tested the waters and created a new horror sub-genre with Night of the Living Dead.  He expanded on the sub-genre and made it so much better with the great effects by Tom Savini.  But now, Day of the Dead they reached their pinnacle.  The story was tight, the characters were unforgettable and the effects were amazing.

The story is very bleak and to me, that is what the zombie apocalypse is all about.  It is the end of man kind and in Day of the Dead we see what happens when there are few humans left.  Then there is Bub…the real star of the show.

I probably should stop and save all of this love for a Retro Review.  Day of the Dead is one of my favorite horror films.  Dawn of the Dead is my favorite zombie movie, Day is the best.  Double Feature your evening, even if it is Tuesday.

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George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead™ (1985)


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