Indiegogo: Survival of the Film Freaks Blu Ray/DVD

The film is done!  This Indiegogo is to get the doc in your hands.  The goal has also been met, so when it ends in two weeks you will get your copy if you pre-order the movie.

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Here are the details.

Via Indiegogo:

Survival Of The Film Freaks is a documentary exploring the phenomenon of cult film and how it survives in the 21st Century. Through interviews with cult icons such as Ted Raimi, Joe Bob Briggs and William Sachs, alongside modern-day filmmakers like Adam Green, Jackson Stewart and Kurando Mitsutake, Film Freaks examines decades of film fanaticism and how the ‘digital age’ has transformed the way we experience movies. At the helm of Film Freaks is the directing duo of Bill Fulkerson and Kyle Kuchta, who have spent the last three years making the documentary.

The film premiered at HorrorHound Weekend Film Festival in August 2018, where it was nominated for Best Picture. It was screened and awarded at various festivals throughout the country including Shawna Shea Film Festival (winner of Best Documentary of the Festival), Sin City Horror Festival (Winner of Best Editing) and Knoxville Horror Film Festival (Winner of Special Jury Prize for Most Connection With Audience).


The film is done, its festival run is complete, and now it’s time to bring the film home to you! Survival Of The Film Freaks is a completely independent production from a small group of people, and the distribution is being handled by this same group of passionate and enthusiastic individuals.


We will present you with a physical copy of Survival Of The Film Freaks that is much more than just the feature film.  If you want some extra Film Freaks paraphernalia, we’re offering an exclusive poster, exclusive t-shirt and the original soundtrack in both physical and digital formats.



Survival of the Film Freaks, 86 minutes

-Extended Interviews

The Music of Film Freaks featurette

-Film Freak promotional videos

-Theatrical Trailer


-Checklist of films included in the documentary (disc insert)


Your donation to the Survival Of The Film Freaks campaign goes towards the authoring and production of Blu-rays and DVDs of the documentary. This not only includes the disc production, but also the creation of subtitles, the mastering of the soundtrack, and towards the shipping costs of these items. Your donation also goes towards the aggregation and the process of getting Film Freaks on to various streaming services. We want to get the film out to as many people as possible, and your donation goes a LONG way!

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