Original Suspiria Composer’s Thoughts on Suspiria (2017)

The Legendary Composer Speaks Out About the New Suspiria

Exactly 40 years ago, Dario Argento released his Magnum Opus, Suspiria. This was another project that Dario was able to work with Goblin’s Claudio Simonetti, who has done tons of soundtracks for classic Giallo(i) and italian horror films (one of my favorites is Demoni AKA Demons). A short while ago, Claudio Simonetti posted his thoughts on the new Suspiria. It’s interesting to hear what he had to say especially his thoughts on Thom York’s composition. Simonetti touched base with comparisons from the original film to the new one. Here is what Simonetti had to say.

“I finally decided to go see the new Suspiria.”

“I went to the cinema for nothing prejudiced, indeed, with all good intentions, with the desire to see a good movie, which, all in all, is. I didn’t expect to see the remake, even if the title would claim to be.
I don’t want to be here at “spoil” the movie scenes but I have to say there are a couple of really nice scenes, well mounted by Walter Fasano and well shot. These scenes relate to the ballets and kills of some of the school dancers, from great author cinema.
The story, for certain verses, is quite similar to the original, but the dull and washed colors of the film are the opposite of the silver film that instead was the apotheosis of colors, as if it was a Disney horror movie, an innovative film for The era.
The film takes place in 1977 but the whole setting and the grim setting remember more the times of the second world war than the 70. S.
The plot takes place quite well, although very slowly, in an elegant way but without striking twists, except for the ballets and the kills as I said before, until the final that makes everything collapse in a disastrous way, mom holy!
The rambling final “trash” makes it expire in the band of a b series horror, the infamous Elena Markos looks like a mix between Jabba of star wars and the mask, muppet show style, by Loredana Bertè, the witch dance looks like a final Of the 50’s hammer movies, or the worst b series movies from the 70 s, left me speechless, I didn’t expect such a cheesy and ugly ending with discounted computerized effects, at the it of the initial ones That were very beautiful (see the death of the dancer writhing during ballet).
And now we come to the sore musical part….. 🙁
I didn’t really expect something glaring but not even anything so lackluster and devoid of personality, music with sound that we used in the 70’s horror movies, type moog low in tension moments and dated keyboards. I’m sorry, but I was expecting something better from Thom Yorke, a musician I’ve always listened to and estimated.
Save only the track with the piano, mesmerizing, harmonious and dissonant at the same time though, the desire to do something different from our music, to avoid in some way of Plagiarci, brought it to a completely stranger world to the movie, this is Definitely one of the strong deficiencies in the earn movie.
I’ve seen Suspiria of silver dozens and dozens of times, I can also say the jokes of the actors, and I never get tired of seeing it and playing it but, honestly, this would never happen with the Suspiria of earning, maybe I’ll just gonna it Understand the little clear story better.
If he had another title, maybe with the writing “inspired by the silver movie” I would forgive him, but use the same title for a movie like this, no, since it’s not a remake…
The ending anyway remains the most ugly and disappointing part of the movie, definitely an old crack of the “three three” drive in (remember them? ) can make you make the idea”—–
— Claudio Simonetti via facebook

Do you agree with the legendary composer? What were your thoughts on the new Suspiria?

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