Retro Review: Halloween – The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

I am going to come right out of the gate and tell you, this is my favorite sequel.  Do I think it is the best?  No.  Halloween II or Halloween 4: the Return of Michael Myers would be the best.  Curse, it has issues and the critics made sure to trash this troubled sequel as it has a Rotten Tomatos score of…6%….Is it really that bad?  With a score like that, we should be looking at one of the worst horror movies ever.  There many movies I love that have gotten shit on by Rotten Tomatos, so I take little stock in their numbers.  IMDB.COM has a 4.9 on Curse of Michael Myers.

So, why is it so bad?

The final was a studio cut and not how the producer saw the movie.  Wee did of course get a decent copy of a different cut in the Halloween box set released by Scream Factory a few years ago…it did not turn out better.

I think there are a few other reasons, recasting Jamie Lloyd was a problem.  Danielle Harris’ agent wanted more money for a glorified cameo.  My question…did she want more screen time and could that have been an option.  The story would have possibly been a little better with Jamie as the main character.  But, we se Jamie give birth to…Michael’a kid, yeah another icky problem.  Then she escapes the clutches of the Order of the Thorn…yep, another problem.  Michael catches up to her and the baby and finally he kills Jamie.


Wait, let’s go back a bit.  Michael Myers and the Order of the Thorn.  This cult that produced Michael Myers, destroys every single thing built in the previous movies, well except Revenge of Michael Myers, we see the beginning of the Order story line there.  The entire story of the Thorn was far fetched.  The thing about Michael Myers, and confirmed by his maker…he is a force of nature.  To think some cult is the reason Michael goes on killing sprees is terrible.  I hate to say this, Halloween 6 ranks up there with Jason Goes to Hell and Freddy’s dead as far as bullshit changes to continuity.

Michael Myers kills his sister Judith.  He escapes and goes after Laurie.  Ok originally it was random and he was stalking baby sitters, Halloween II changed that aspect.  Later, he is in a coma, Laurie is dead, but he learns of a niece, Laurie’s daughter, Jamie Lloyd.  Time to get to killing..but hold on, this was all ordered by the cult?  WHY?

No, no..this is not acceptable, I was 15 in 1995…I loved this movie…has the glass finally been shattered?  Is Halloween Resurrection better than the Curse of Michael Myers?  For the first time in decades, Halloween had scared me.

But seriously, sitting through Halloween 6 isn’t so bad.  If you can come to terms with the story and accept it for what it is, its not terrible.  Donald Pleasance is in the movie and doesn’t miss a beat.  Paul Rudd is terribly creepy…A new family lives in the Myers house because it wouldn’t sell.

Other than the Order of the Thorn, the movie is a mess.  The fans praise the Producer’s Cut.  It is a mess too.  But I am going to jump in the blame train and blame Halloween 5 the Revenge of Michael Myers on this one.  We could just blame Mustapha Akkad for milking tbe gravy train.  But Halloween 5…there is a man in black following Michael’s trail through Haddonfield.  The thorn symbol is sighted on Michael’s wrist.  At the end of Revenge, Michael was behind bars and in chains…beaten.  But, he was broken out by the man in black and they slaughter the police.


Halloween 6, they basic story, Michael is controlled by the Order of the Thorn.  Jamie Lloyd escapes after a birthing ceremony.  Michael hunts her down and kills her.  Paul Rudd, Tommy Doyle finds the baby and rescues the Steven…nice name.  He catches up with Loomis.  There is a story-line with Danny Strode who is a strange kid being talked to by the man in black, groomed to replace Michael, WHY?

So, everything I wrote above, all on memory.  I watched the movie today and I still like it.  Sure its a mess and there are things about it that are just bad.  The atmosphere works, there is a kind of Gothic feel to movie.  The characters were pretty much, throw away characters, but I loved bringing back Tommy Doyle.  The mask, it is possibly the best version of the mask with the exception of the first movie.  Overall, I do like this movie, it has a ton of flaws and the Producer’s Cut doesn’t help at all, Michael is stopped by a stone arrangement…??? has a rating of 4.9

I have it an even 6.0

Also, you know I love fan made posters and this one is terrific.  It has the orange border like the original poster, so cool.  Unless this is from some actual collection.


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