Review: Beneath the Darkness (2011)

I was hoping for more of a supernatural horror, what I got was a teen thriller…

The basic story goes, a couple of average/stereotype teens decide to have a bit of fun by investigating the stories that the old mortician has ghosts haunting his home. After see some strange goings on, they decide to break in, to see if they, in fact, saw a ghost. That is when the trouble starts.

This movie seemed like it should have been created a decade ago, the film quality was not up to par, and it seemed a result of the equipment, because I didn’t notice any terrible camera work. Everyone over acts in this film, not painfully so, but pretty close. Even with all this over acting, I found most of the film slow-paced, and it tended to get lost in sub-plots that didn’t go anywhere.

My suggestion was split because if I would have seen half this movie on TV, I would not go out and rent it to see the rest. On the other hand, I didn’t feel like I wasted my life by watching the film, well no more than usual anyway.

Spoiler Beyond This Point

What hurt this film the most for me is the teen drama, it is piled high, and combined with the over acting killed it for me. I think that everyone that is already not a star in this film, could be. The acting could have been toned down, it felt like someone was asking for more. Also, the sub-plots… Travis,”I see dead people”… The teacher,”I miss my dead husband, and I have no point in this film.”… The mother,”I want to believe, but don’t want to actually be involved.”… The Jock,”I am cocky, and stuff, but I have a heart too.”… … … All of that added up to nothing. I think that is what killed it for me, it seems like recently a lot of films have been creating these sub-dramas, and I think that the intent is to weave them into sub-plots but then the editing phase takes them out, which is fine, if you take them out by the root, instead I have unanswered questions that I don’t even care about… Ugh.


1. Don’t break into a house that has mystery people (living or dead) dancing in it.

2. If you are going to break in again, come armed with more than a camera.

3. If you are breaking into the house of the person that killed your friend, don’t stop for a tender kiss…

Anyway, I  could go on, but you get the drift…

My Rating: 7/10

My Suggestion: Rent if you can/Skip

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