Is It Horror? Predator (1987)

Is it horror

There are plenty of films that can be considered genre-bending. Actions, dramas and thrillers can all coincide at times during a movie. The tougher designation is determining if those moments belong to the Horror group. In 1987, one of those genre-bending movies was released. This film has the makings of all the genres mentioned above, albeit drama. It has stood the test of time and is a favorite among many. Director John McTiernan brought us all an intriguing muscle-bound, machismo-filled, one-liner overloaded and action-packed…….

Horror Film??


But Is It Horror???

Our next drive down the ‘Is It Horror’ lane is one of my personal favorite films of all-time. 1987’s Predator. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers and Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura, this film starts off like a hundred other action flicks from the 1980’s. It follows a specially trained military outfit that enters enemy territory to rescue hostages in South America. After a very long-winded fire fight to save said hostage(s), our team finds themselves on the run to reach their extraction point. That’s where the movie takes a swift left turn, not just who they are running from, but from what?

We soon find they ultimately are being hunted for trophies of sport by an alien being. The Predator, armed with really fucking cool gadgets like retractable metal claws, camouflage, multiple forms of vision and my personal favorite the over the shoulder blaster. Seemingly invincible, this hunter is packing some major heat! But so are our heroes.


The film’s soundtrack was wonderfully scored by Alan Silvestri. The beats, drums and click-noises almost seduce the viewer into a hypnotic trance. The theme song to this day, remains epic. The predator’s design was created by none other than the monster man himself, Stan Winston. More about the predator, interestingly enough, the original candidate hired to dawn the predator costume was a young actor by the name of Jean-Claude Van Damme. WEIRD. Van Damme only 5’9″, quit after two days. The eventual honor went to 7’2″ Kevin Peter Hall.

Released nationwide on June 12th 1987, the film was a smash at the box office. Raking in over $98 million. Quite impressive when that amount converts to over $206 million in 2016. It was so successful that it has spawned two sequels with a third due out in 2018, two crossover films with our loveable, acid-spitting xenomorph from Alien, a line of comics and even video games.

You're One Ugly Motherfucker...
You’re One Ugly Motherfucker…

Predator, despite its full on action, is basically a suped-up slasher flick. Instead of young and dumb co-eds traipsing through the forest, it’s young military badasses traipsing around. Getting killed in wonderfully awesome ways. Skinned alive, having their entire spinal column ripped right off their back. Chests and arms blasted off by lasers. The film even has an epic battle between our villain and our “final girl” Arnold.

So where does all this leave Predator?

Is It Horror or Not?


There you have it kiddies. Now what do you all think? I want to hear your thoughts. Is It Horror to you???

IMDB: 7.8/10

ZombiSurvivor: 9.0/10

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