Monster Squad Director weighs in on The MUMMY (2017) starring Tom Cruise.


Director Fred Dekker,fredd_dekker ( Night of The Creeps, Robocop3, Monster Squad) gives his thoughts about the new Tom Cruise movie, The MUMMY. Fred Dekker has brought us fantastic movies in the 80’s and is currently working on Predator 3 with Shane Black and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Here is what Director, Fred Dekker, had to say on his facebook page “I don’t usually do this. And by “do this,” I mean rant. But I saw the new MUMMY trailer over the weekend…

Then, I stumbled upon an interview with Alex Kurtzman where he talks about building the new Universal monsters universe...

Here’s my two cents:

Everything Alex says I totally agree with (except for the “We have to go modern day” part, because, um, why?). He sounds smart, and passionate, and exactly what you’d want from the architect of a genre franchise — even though it ISN’T a franchise until you make a good movie and the audience decides they want to see more.

No, my problem is this: the trailer is exactly the kind of deafening, screamy, quick-cutty, giant-ass CGI fest without a single iota of smarts, passion or emotion that we see every fucking time we go to the movies. A bunch of people at work stations, that’s what I see.fred_dekker_2

Does that mean the movie will suck? Obviously, there’s way to know until next summer — when I don’t go see it.

But it begs a question, how many gigantic, computer-busting FX extravaganzas do we have to swallow until one of them takes a quiet, reflective moment to make us feel something amidst the chaos; the very thing Alex talks about in his interview, but the trailer goes out of its way to avoid?

Thus endeth the lecture.

Do you agree with Fred Dekker? I sure as hell do! The Mummy does not look appealing to horror fans at all! Fred Dekker paved the way for my horror movie obsession since I was a kid.

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