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PII Productions is pleased to announce the feature horror film RED HOLLOW.

Red Hollow is a Canadian horror film set to commence principal photography this  summer in rural Alberta, Canada. Red Hollow stars Lisa Wilcox (A Nightmare on elm street Franchise), Featured cast composed of Saleste Mele (Gone By Dawn, Blood Mania), Skylar Radzion (Boogeyman: Reincarnation), Destinie Orndoff (Party Night, Red Eye).

The film stars Natalie Buckley as Carley, a young woman who returns to her home town after her mother has fallen ill.  Unbeknownst to Carley, the town has fallen under the thumb of a sinister rising evil that has begun killing off the locals, and she soon finds herself at the centre of it all.


Banding together with a mysterious newcomer Allison (Jackie Kobsar), Carley and her friends race to uncover the horrifying truth  and  soon come to a polarizing discovery.

If they can’t put a stop to the grisly situation soon, no one will make it out of Red Hollow alive.

Red Hollow is being independently produced by  British Columbia based filmmaker Pressly Parrish, the film’s writer and director.  Alongside an up & coming horror genre cast, Red Hollow boasts an incredible departure from the average cinematic experience with  solid punches that will leave it’s audience breathless.

PII Productions have launched their indiegogo campaign and is searching for some support to help provide a great new cinematic experience.

You can follow along and donate on Indie Gogo and follow their Facebook page as well.

They are trying to raise 50k CAN.  Can you help them make their goal?

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