Review: Stitches (2012) left me in “Stitches”!


Not knowing a thing about this film, albeit a brief plot description. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and after seeing the opening sequence, I knew I was in for a treat and it was glorious! The film begins with 10-year old Tom’s birthday party, where an unfortunately bloody accident occurs. Fast forward 6 years and Tom and his friends are now in high school and Tom was left with a phobia from that party that has plagued him ever since. When Tom’s mother leaves town for the weekend on business, Tom’s friends peer-pressure him into having a house party for his birthday this year. Now the fun begins!

As you probably can imagine, horror ensues. Stitches the clown begins terrorizing the children that were at that “doomed” party 6 years ago. Played by comedian Ross Noble, his portrayal of Stitches really drove the 2nd half of the film. The clown is irreverent, gruesome and downright hilarious. Director Conor McMahon did a wonderful job setting the stage for some original kills, with some really funny results. Pun-intended clown jokes were pulled off just right as to not come off too corny. The plot was quite silly and frankly riddled with holes. But, with a film like this it does not matter much. The director did a job good casting a group of nobodies, playing characters that weren’t very likeable. Which made their inevitable deaths all the more entertaining. One of those young actors, lead character Tom (Tommy Knight) lead the film unevenly. But came into his own and really brought the character to life in the final act.

Don't mess with this clown.
Don’t mess with this clown.

All-in-all, this was a fun ride. I really enjoyed this film and I laughed my ass off at times, flaws and all. I believe fans of horror will find something enjoyable with this flick. It was a great midnight popcorn flick to watch with a few friends and a few brews.

IMDB rating: 5.7-10

ZombiSurvivor’s rating 6.8-10


Stay scared kiddies!!!


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