Review: The Entity (1982)

How long has it been since I have taken the time to write an article for The Horror Syndicate?

It really seems like it has been forever.  We do most of our work live on THS Discourse these days.  The four of us sit around talking about different movies and have a great time.  But, I really need to get back to articles of some kind because I pay to keep this site alive and there is so much content on the website, I really need to stop neglecting the website and get back to my roots.  Today I watched the Entity and it really made me want to write an article or my lazy attempts as writing a review about a movie.  I don’t get the chance to see too many new movies in time to review them for the masses.  I like dipping in to films I have never seen, older films, like the Entity.  When the article goes up, it is there for anyone wondering if the movie is worth checking out or not.  So, here I am, at the ole laptop letting you know how I feel about a horror movie.

Plot Synopsis:

Single mother Carla Moran (Barbara Hershey) is raped and attacked by an invisible force. She begins therapy with Dr. Phil Sneiderman (Ron Silver), a psychiatrist who believes Carla’s traumatic past is motivating her to commit self-induced injuries, rather than anything supernatural. When the attacks continue, Carla invites two college students with an interest in the paranormal to visit her house. After seeing the ghost in action, they agree to help Carla defeat her invisible attacker.

I’d heard of this movie before and really never gave it a secon thought.  But every single time I’ve gone to Vintage Stock, I would pick it up and think about buying the Scream Factory Collector’s Edition.  After browsing and grabbing the latest release of New Year’s Evil, I saw the Entity sitting there staring at me in the face.  I picked up and thought, yeah it is time to grab this one.  To be honest, it usually takes me a couple of months to watch a movie I buy.  I don’t know why, but it didn’t happen this time.  I popped it in an I was kind of amazed at what I saw.

I knew the basis for the movie, but I did not expect it to happen from the jump.  As the plot synopsis reads, she is raped and sexually attacked by an invisible force.  The first encounter is within the first 10 minutes it immediately made me feel uneasy.  I felt bad for her, like really bad.  The music that plays over the encounter does not help, it is so aggressive and sinister, it adds to the dread.  That says a bunch about this score, which this movie has a very good score.  But back to Carla, she at the advice of her friend sees a psychiatrist.  She explains about upbringing and some trauma she experienced in her youth.  But the doctor believes these encounters are happening because her past trauma.  Eventually she speaks with many doctors and it kind of feels like the Exorcist, when they’re all trying to rationalize what is happening to Reagan McNeil, it couldn’t be demonic possession…and this couldn’t be a ghost raping this woman.  They believe it is self-inflicted.

These attacks seemingly do not get any better and worse when she sees the doctor.  One day she meets some parapsychologists and they help her.  There is tension from her doctor and the parapsychologists.  But Carla believes they can help more and the film concludes with this grand experiment in which they try to trap the Entity.  Truly bizarre.

Barbara Hershey is so good in this movie.  She had to play being attacked and she really sold it, every viscous attack seemed real and I believe most of it was her acting.  There are some extremely disturbing scenes in this movie, so I cannot say it is for everyone.  At times you can see fingers fondling her breasts and the effect is really well done and works so well it made me cringe several times.

I do recommend The Entity just be warned, there is rape and she is sexually attacked numerous times.  Be warned in going in to this movie.  If you have a past trauma with being sexually assaulted, I’d stay away. has a rating of 6.6

I give the Entity a solid 8.0

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