Review: The Houses October Built (2014) and The Houses October Built 2 (2017)

This review will cover both movies, I cannot find enough words to write a review on one of them.  Enjoy.

The Houses October Built (2014)

This is a movie I avoided for, well I guess about 4 years.  I remember seeing it on either Netflix or Hulu and thinking, that may be good.  Well, it took me 4 years to finally sit down and watch the damned movie.  It may take me 4 years to write this review.


Looking for a good fright for Halloween, five friends set off on a road trip to discover the scariest underground haunts. As their trip seems to have reached a dead-end, strange things start to happen and it becomes clear that the haunt has come to them.

I like this idea of the movie, more as a mockumentery.  These friends going to different haunts being harassed by the locals and workers of the haunt.  They are looking for the Blue Skeleton, which is said to be the scariest underground haunt of all.

What worked for the movie, the cast was actually not bad.  They seemed like they have been friends for years and really enjoy the thrill of haunted houses.  I do like the cast and what they were doing.

The rest of the movie was pretty much, eh.  It was fine I guess in many ways it rips off all other found footage movies, but not as good.  This could have easily and should have just been a regular film, not a found footage.  I guess the idea was to make it seem like it was a YouTube thing, I don’t know.

It was ok. has a rating of 5.2

My rating…5.0

The Houses October Built 2

This is pretty much a continuation of the first film.  I mean, really there is not much of a difference.  They have to convince Brandy, the female in the first to come back.


Still recovering from the trauma of being kidnapped on the previous Halloween by the Blue Skeleton – a group that takes extreme haunt to another level – five friends decide they must face their fears to move on. Heading back out on the road to visit more haunted house attractions, new terror begins when signs of the Blue Skeleton start appearing again.

This one, is basically the same.  They are looking for a place called Hellbent early on.    The same thing, the friends were ok to watch and I did enjoy Brandy very much.  But as I said, it is more of the same, different haunted houses, driving in the Winnebago to different places.  Some of these places were really cool and if real, I could see myself wanted to visit.

I will say, the ending is predictable.  But, watch it for the attractions, that is the best part about these two movies.  They are somewhat entertaining. has a rating of 4.4

I think this is on the same damn level as the last.  5.0

There you go, the best I can do on these movies.  They are in a word…alright.  Enjoy.

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