Rob Zombie’s ‘3 FROM HELL” Finally Gets Release Date…err…Dates?!

After months of speculation, fans of Rob Zombie’s Firefly movie series finally have an answer to the nagging question: When will 3 From Hell be released?! The answer is September 16th! And 17th! And 18th!

It appears thus far that, while the film is expected to show in over 900 theaters, it will be a run limited to only these three nights. Each night the film will be shown along with some sort of extra feature. The first night, September 16th, fans will see a special video introduction from Rob Zombie, as well as the first 50 fans at each theater receiving a limited edition poster. On September 17th the film will be accompanied by a nearly 30 minute behind-the-scenes featurette detailing the making of the film. The final night, the 18th, will be a double feature showcasing The Devil’s Rejects and then 3 From Hell. It is worth noting that there have been no other announcements regarding a theatrical run after the 18th, so for now it is safe to assume 3 From Hell will only be in theaters just those three nights.

In a tweet Rob Zombie announced that the version of the film being run during these days will be completely uncut, which is fantastic news. Along with the release announcement, Zombie also shared the brand new poster for the film which can be seen below. Be sure and keep up with the Fathom Events site for ticket information and further details later this month.

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