The Dark Military Review


Being a New Jersey native and an indie-horror supporter/fan I run into my fare share of low budget horror films and I must say this is better than most. Director, writer and producer Loren W. Lepre delivers a sick and twisted blend of the Most Dangerous Game, Rockstar’s Manhunt, and Lord of the Flies (even though the victims are grown ass adults instead of schoolboys). The Dark Military has a large ensemble of party-goers in New Jersey going on a pretend Halloween hunt in the woods but little do they know that the real hunt begins. The party-goers face The Dark Military, a group of would-be mercenaries who hunt, kill and stream live on the “dark web” for their paying audience. For its budget, The Dark Military delivers full on action, mass murder, female to female make-out scenes and of course….. boobs.

I felt like I was watching something that could catch the eye of Blum House or Lionsgate productions and star an A-list cast. The Dark Military is extremely raw and hilarious at times. Steven Carino (Planet Mirrorball, Midnight Show) does an excellent job with the horrifying, atmospheric tones that really gives the movie some terrifying visuals. The Dark Military stars R. Marcos Taylor who played Suge Knight in Straight Outta Compton, Newton Wallen (Midnight Show) and Katie Walsh (100 Acres of Hell) as well as Loren W Lepre as the Dark Military’s fearless leader, Barrabas who are just a few in the ensemble driven Indie action-horror movie.

Stay Tuned for updates on The Dark Military and watch the trailer!

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