The Liberty Massacre film festival part 5: part 1

In this article I will describe the films . In part 2 I want to introduce you to some of the amazing people who were part of this event .

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Liberty Massacre part 5 created by Loren Lepre. It was a showcase of 10 short horror films from all over the world .

The films were showcased at a coffee house in Philadelphia, PA called the Cine Mug.

When the sho p closed they put up black curtains and a movie screen was set up to display the films . The store was really cool and it had DVD’s you could rent in the back and pictures all over the walls .

Ironically I just wrote about video store nostalgia in my last article.

My photographer Wilma Abbott tried to take as many pictures as possible of the incredible art work but I got reprimanded for standing near the one picture .

That’s me a rebel ! Can’t take me anywhere #coffeeshopagitator


Here is my brief interpretations of the films .

1.BEC was the first movie to play.

Tony morales was the director.

Opening scene is an elderly woman on oxygen in a old house with creepy old time music playing in the background. Suddenly a little boy ghost / demon appears with balloons and starts to taunt the old woman . Ultimately the old woman is dragged into the darkness .

Little kids creep me out . The suspense with the old woman’s heavy breathing combined with darkness and quick pop ups from the little ghost/ demon boy make this a great suspense type film .

2. Crazy About You and In General directed by Jeremiah Elsass. It opens with a

young waitress in a diner. The door opens and her brother enters with his new found girlfriend who’s a prostitute . The sister warns her brother not to go with this new girlfriend but

the prostitute brings the young man back to her house and drugs him . He wakes up hanging from meat hooks in her basement. The sister tracks her missing brother’s iPhone and ultimately winds up captured and hanging from the meat hooks next to him .

The sister manages to get away but the brother isn’t so fortunate. At least the sister got revenge on the lady of the night .

The lesson is if your family doesn’t like your partner listen to them !

3. Corpse Pose director

Sarah Misch .

Young girl ( Sarah ) is unpacking in an apartment alone . Flashbacks depict fights between her and her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend decides to take his own life and hung himself. He comes back to haunt her and blame her for his suicide .

She remains strong and the ghost of the boyfriend past moves on .

This movie was amazing . The actors did an incredible job . Every girl can relate to the toxic relationship blame arguments at some point in their life . Overcoming the fears in our head and using our voice to finally move on is such a great lesson to be displayed .

She found strength through a tragedy .

4. Released From Love directed by Luceano DeAzevedo.

The wife is shown cooking body parts up for her husband. Possibly the body parts of the woman her husband was cheating on her with .

I didn’t eat dinner before this event and after watching the woman hack up a body and serve it to her man I didn’t have a appetite anymore . #vegan

5. Third Wheel Director Daniel.

A girl on a first date takes the guy back to her place and drugs him . She then feeds him to the gremlin type monster living in her closet.

Lesson here is tinder dates have more than skeletons in their closet . Before you swipe right think twice .

6. Cindy’s Birthday Party directed by Frank Anguilar.

Little birthday girl tricks a boy arriving at her birthday party into the basement of her home so her mother can eat him.

The acting and scenery was amazing .

The little girl was completely unfazed by the slashing and gashing to her classmate as she happily ate her cake .

Lesson here is cake over everything .

7. Chimes Director Janine Benkhart.

A guy is having flash backs of abuse from childhood and he reminisces about trying to find solace at the Catholic Church with help from the priest . As a grown adult he enters the same Catholic Church and meets a girl and invites her back to his house and then drugs her . The girl wakes up chained in his basement . He then butchers her in front of another woman who is also chained up in the basement and seems to be his protege .

Meanwhile the police are searching for a missing person who looks like the protege killer in the basement . The police capture our killer man and as he is in jail the woman from the basement is free and continues the killing spree on her own .

This was set in Ireland .

The child abuse and the Catholic Church references were done with precision .

If you are catholic you can relate.

I didn’t really get into this movie but my girlfriends loved it and said if it was a book they would read it . #catholicguilt

8. Mord “Satanas “ Director

Toby Wulff.

This movie reminds me of a death metal music video. THIS MOVIE WAS ACTUALLY MADE IN GERMANY and completely has the feel of another country .

A blonde girl dressed like a 90’s vampire is covered in blood and screaming while licking a snake in a bathtub . Meanwhile the death metal music plays in the background . There is a huge group of people all standing around a upside cross screaming and dancing .I think the group of people sacrificed someone because there was a glimpse of a man hanging in the background similar to a “Jesus” figure with just a loin cloth on and a blind fold on his eyes .

The whole group is covered in blood and making out.

I’m not sure if the woman was suppose to be Satan or the woman is the leader and they sacrificed someone for Satan .

I don’t know what was really going on but it definitely had the feel of a cool rock video from another country .

By the way the death metal music plays throughout the whole movie .

For some reason I thought of the beginning scene of Blade when everyone is dancing to industrial music in a club and gets sprayed with blood .

In my head I heard Du Hast by Ranmstein playing over and over.

Lesson here Satan worshipers like death metal and 90’s fashion.

Amazing movie !

9. Stall Directed by Elvis Deane.

A guy is in his office building and goes into bathroom stall when suddenly a creature grabs his foot . Then the creature peers at him trough the crack in the bathroom door . He exits the stall thinking he imagined it and then as he tries to leave the creature pulls him back in . It had the feel of Fightclub in reference to Edward Norton’s character that is working in a office completely drained and delirious and empty inside .

Lesson here is work will kill you inside first then outside . #corporatelife

10. Outer Director Joe Boi.

Young couples are seen breaking into an abandoned warehouse . First couple goes in and you hear screams. The movie is shot “Blair witch” style with the camera bouncing around . The creature grabs the kid while he’s talking into the camera of his iPhone . A girl wakes up covered in blood and begins looking for her friends. She is dressed in Jessica Biel (Texas Chainsaw 2003) attire complete with white tank top and jeans .

The friends are discovered cut up and you can even hear a chainsaw in the background as she is running through the warehouse . She passes a lot of windows and doors but seems to be running through this warehouse for awhile until she finally finds her boyfriend who is dead and she picks up his phone . As she does this the creature gets her .

Amazing film capturing the dares that we all put on each other as young teens and challenging urban legends .

Lesson here boyfriends get chainsawed first which gives you time to run .

Loren has been in the film business for 8 years .

He wanted to start a staple of horror in Philly and he definitely accomplished that goal .

Stay tuned for part 2 where I get to know who these amazing directors are .

The main event is Saturday check it out .

Until next time hugs and hisses




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