The Second Remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street

On August 7, 2015, it was reported that New Line Cinema are developing a remake with Orphan writer David Leslie Johnson.  That was the last time we heard anything about a possible remake of the popular 1980s film series.  With the news of Halloween going to Blumhouse and John Carpenter coming back to be the Executive Producer, it got me thinking about the Friday the 13th film and A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake.  It has been nearly 10 months since we heard anything about this remake or am I missing something?

I did write an article about the possible remake back when the news was released.  I want to keep this in everyone’s mind, we may end up with a new Friday the 13th, a new Halloween and a new Nightmare in 2017.  Nothing is set in stone and nothing has been filmed for any of these films.  I have read the the Friday the 13th film is aiming for a January 13th 2017, which they may be running out of time for that release date.  There is another Friday the 13th in October.  So image, October 2017…

October 13th Friday the 13th

October 20th A Nightmare on Elm Street

October 27th Halloween

Now, this is highly unlikely, but it does seem like a real chance we will get two of the three series back in 2017.  It seems more likely we will see Friday the 13th and Halloween.  A Nightmare on Elm Street, seems to be in limbo.  I am happy there is not going to be a sequel to the 2010 remake, but I would love to see a sequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: the Dream Child.  I would also like to see Freddy played by Robert Englund…but more than likely not going to happen.  More like, never going to happen.  Not to mention, there is no chance for Wes Craven to come back as a producer or consultant, as he sadly passed away in 2015.

Here was my reaction to the idea of a second Nightmare remake.

When I was 5 or 6 years old, I am a little fuzzy on the timeline, my mom let me stay up late with her.  She fell asleep and left the tv on HBO.  Shortly after she fell asleep, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge came on.  I watched the movie and enjoyed the entire thing at 5 or 6 while my mom slept next to me.  I told my mom all about it the next day.  Rather than freak out and be really upset I watched a horror movie, she was amazed I wasn’t scared.  Time went by and there was a double feature, Nightmare 2 and the first movie.  I stayed up and watched both, my mom watched with me.  I loved the first one so much more and it actually scared me.  In Nightmare 2, the only part that bothered me was when Freddy tells Jesse, “You’ve got the body, I have the brains.”  He rips the skin off of his scalp and Jesse wakes up.  Nightmare 1, was totally different and I had the rush of being scared for a couple of days.  It was amazing and I wanted more.  So over the following weeks my mom tested me.  Halloween 2, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and Friday the 13th 6 Jason Lives, those were my first.

In 2009, Friday the 13th got this great remake, it did everything right.  There is no possible way to remake Friday the 13th the same way as the original.  So late when we all learned A Nightmare on Elm Street is getting a remake, I was actually kind of happy.  I was not big on casting and I did have hope that Robert Englund could come back.  He did not, the movie was terrible and based on the trailer, I decided to not go see it.  I saw the remake of Halloween and Friday the 13th in the theater, but not my favorite series remake.  When I did see it, I was very disappointed with everything, I tried hard to understand why they did what they did to the movie.  I did not like the way they over did his child molestation, it seemed to be the big point of the movie.  He was more called a child killer and it was glazed over in the original series.  That was too much, it was more uncomfortable that scary.

So it looks like we are probably getting another remake, well that’s cool.  I don’t like that the franchise has simply died in the last 20 years.  After New Nightmare, why put Freddy to sleep…haha, get it.  There is so much potential and the series has so many possibilities, not to mention, to have an actor like Robert Englund who is Freddy.  I am sure he would have done it for the last 20 years.  Actually, I am sick and tired of horror remakes, especially when there is along series.  For some reason it is the way to introduce a new audience to the older series.  But why?   Halloween and Friday seem to be getting remakes, there is no word on what is going on with either, but it makes the most sense.  So all three of the movie monsters who dominated the 1980s could have two remakes…blah!  Nightmare and Friday could both have sequels, skipping Jason Goes to Hell and Freddy’s Dead.

But back to Nightmare, why not do one last movie with Robert Englund, kill off Freddy once and for all and in a couple of years do some kind of remake, worthy of the original.  I would love to see one last original series Nightmare on Elm Street, thing about it.  The real final film of the series is Freddy’s Dead.  New Nightmare, takes place in the “real world” and Freddy vs Jason is, well to me kind of its own thing.  I would love to see Lisa Wilcox come back and play Alice one last time.  She was one of my favorites in the series and for the most part, the only female survivor from the original series.  Besides, why wouldn’t you want to see the final showdown between Freddy and Alice.  Again, Dream Child kinda left a stale feeling in my heart.  Where is the real Nightmare 6?   I wrote out my ideas for a sequel at my personal blog, but maybe I should share them here.  Who wouldn’t love to see Lisa Wilcox and Robert Englund back together battling it out?

I will see another remake and regardless of what happens, we will see a remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street.  Hell one of these days, we may see a remake of nearly everything.  I plan on sharing my idea, not for a remake, but for a possible, A Nightmare on Elm Street 6, a real part 6.  Ignoring Freddy’s Dead completely, its a fine movie, but my Nightmare 6 could be between Dream Child and Freddy’s Dead.  I actually had a couple, but if we look at Dream Child, that may have been one of his worst deaths and it left open for a sequel, Freddy’s Dead was not the sequel we should have gotten.  But that is all I will leave you with, I don’t have the time to write it all out and it belongs in it’s own post.  Not scripted, just notes I’ve written down over the years.  Could be fun and I know everyone has ideas for different movies, but I am going to share mine to the world, probably on my personal blog, Rage of Rayzor.  Remember you follow me @Rayzor_33 on Twitter and @HorrorSyndicate.  I also have an official A Nightmare on Elm Street body count planned.

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