Theatre of Terror “Project” Enters the Final Phase

Theatre of Terror's Final Phase of Next Indie Horror Project

Macabre Film Fair Festival 2017

Hey Horror Friends! Keep a look out for Award winning director, Thomas Ryan’s (FACES)  Theatre of Terror Project as they begin wrapping up, shooting their final segment in their next indie horror film in New Jersey (New Jersey REPRESENT!)



Producer Todd Staruch with Thomas Ryan, Sanjeev Surati, and Adam Ginsberg

“New Jersey independent film production company Theatre of Terror is  about to begin principal photography on the last of four short films that will comprise their horror anthology “The Theatre of Terror”. This chapter, entitled “Endangered” centers around a group of protestors who are up in arms over an oil pipeline that will run through the habitat of a pack of grey wolves. Along the way, they encounter hostile hunters, determined contractors and an unknown menace that they
cannot begin to comprehend.“Endangered” stars genre veteran Alan Rowe Kelly, who is anaccomplished filmmaker in his own right, along with well-known indie
actors Lauren Renahan, Mark Abbott, Christopher Murphy, Patrick Boyer, Heather Drew and several other talented performers. According to co-producer Todd Staruch, “Endangered is the most ambitious of our four short films. We’ve invested a great deal in talent, 
locations and makeup effects by outstanding SPFX artists Michael Scardillo and Beatrice Sniper and we’re confident that this will all be
apparent on the screen.”In an attempt to recruit extras, writer/director Thomas Ryan reached
out to the residents of Branchville, NJ (one of the principal locations)via social media and the response was astonishing. “The people of Branchville were extremely receptive to the idea of appearing in an indie film. The number of responses was far beyond anything I had
expected!,” said Ryan. Work on the anthology itself began in March of 2017, and three of the four shorts are already in the can. “The Gift”, “The Bookworm” and“Abducted” have already had sneak previews at select film festivalsand were met with overwhelmingly positive responses. Filming on Endangered begins on June 24 th and is expected to wrap on June 30 th .Through a successful second round of fundraising, the production
team was able to secure 100% of the budget for the anthology.The completed anthology is expected to be released in the Fall of 2018.“We have developed an anthology that reflects our deep passion forold-style Sci-Fi and Horror television shows, such as “The Twilight Zone”, “The Outer Limits”, and “Tales From the Dark Side”. Each story is highly reflective of a lifelong obsession with these programs,and a fervent desire to pay tribute to the masters who brought them to countless viewers so long ago. We are so devoted to this project, that we literally put our name on it!”

-Tom Ryan
Director, Theatre of Terror Founder

While you are at it, check out the award winning Indie horror flick FACES, directed by Thomas Ryan, starring Thomas Ryan and Paul Gmitter currently available on AMAZON PRIME and The Theatre of Terror facebook page!

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