Todd and The Book of Pure Evil

Synopsis: Four high school students in a small town founded by satanists, battle a book of pure evil that grants wishes with unexpected results to anyone who reads it’s spells.

First of all, let me get you caught up. Todd and The Book of Pure Evil was a small Canadian TV show that was based on a short film of the same name. It was originally released in 2010, and ran through 2012. The show found an American audience in 2012, when it was available on Comcast on Demand. Todd lasted 2 hilarious seasons until it was ultimately canceled, despite a season 2 cliff hanger. An on line petition, along with furious, fan funded outrage allowed for a final, full length, animated feature called, “The End of the End”, to be released in 2017.

Ok, so there is the gist of the show’s history. Now let me tell you why you should seek out these season’s on dvd, and experience the metal, horror, and comedy joy that is Todd and The Book of Pure Evil.

The story centers around 4 high school outcasts. Todd, Curtis, Hannah, and Jenny all find each other while noticing weird happenings around the school as the result of a satanic book. The book exists to feed off of angst ridden, and unfortunate souls. What better place to find angst, than in high school am I right? The book offers a spell to whoever possesses it, in order to fulfill their deepest desires. The only problem is that the book is somewhat of a trickster, and every wish it grants turns into death and blood shed. The only person to survive the book’s wrath, will be deemed the “Pure Evil One”.

Along the way, the 4 fighters of evil are aided by their wise, and oft pot smoking janitor named Jimmy, played by Jason Mewes, (Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back). The foursome also run into trouble from the schools guidance counselor named Atticus, played by Chris Leavins. Atticus seems to perpetrate much of the evil as well, and has a serious hard on for Todd, both metaphorically, and literally. Each episode centers around a different student who comes into contact with the book. So basically a new monster to fight everyday for our heroes.

As the episodes move along we are introduced to many plot building characters such as “The Metal Dudes”, shown above. We also meet Jimmy’s old girlfriend, and Atticus’s father. All of these character’s play a part in unraveling the mystery of Todd’s destiny as the book runs amok.

I could go on and on about the plot, but that would take forever. Todd and The Book of Pure Evil is one of the funniest TV shows I’ve ever seen. It’s basically a combination of Buffy, Jay and Silent Bob, and the Evil Dead. Todd fans, who call themselves “Toddies”, even have their own lingo. Show quotes such as “Shit Rooster”, and “Holy Jupiter Shit”, maybe foreign to most, but Toddies know exactly where you’re coming from, should you drop a quote on them.

The show’s soundtrack is also phenomenal. It ranges from all sorts of new school, and old school metal. There is also a Buffy like musical episode in season 2, where each character features their own original song. That episode is my personal favorite. The season two cliff hanger was monumentally disappointing because of the show’s eventual cancellation. The fan outrage was enough to get a full length, animated movie, that was actually pretty entertaining in its own way, but nothing like the first two live action seasons.

Look, if you like Horror, Metal, Pot Smoking, and Comedy, you’re gonna love this show. A final shoutout to Alex House, Maggie Castle, Melanie Leishman, and Bill Turnbull as Todd, Jenny, Hannah, and Curtis respectively. They are a dynamite cast, that drive about 25 or so episodes of dynamite writing, and horror comedy. Season’s 1 and 2, along with the animated finale are available on Dvd. The animated finale, “The End of the End”, can also be viewed on youtube for free.

Become a Toddie today. You will thank me later.


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