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Trailer: BBC Dracula

October 27, 2019 Ray Marek III

BBC dropped a teaser trailer for a new Dracula series today.  The adaptation of Dracula comes from some big guns, the creators and series leads of Sherlock and Doctor Who, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat […]

31 Days of Horror

31 Days of Horror: Maniac Mansion

October 26, 2019 Brian White

I can’t believe October is almost over. I hope you’ve all been enjoying our 31 Days of Horror here at The Horror Syndicate; I know I’ve been having a blast writing about my genre favorites […]

31 Days of Horror

31 Days of Horror: Planet Terror (2007)

October 25, 2019 Richard Krueger

Many attempts to capture past glories of horror era style often times feel like cheap copies or just fall flat. Planet Terror isn’t one of those movies. It is clearly a love letter to the […]

31 Days of Horror

31 Days of Horror: The Horror Syndicate

October 23, 2019 Chuck Ransford

You may think that this is a little goofy or self-serving. It’s not, really. When Rayzor, the boss man here at THS, first discussed this 31 Days of Horror idea with us, I knew that […]

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