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The Barn Part II on Blu Ray NOW!!!

December 13, 2022 Ray Marek III

I’ve seen the Barn part II and it is wild! I’d expect a review coming from me at some point soon, but know this, it is full of Halloween goodness and gore! You’ll have a […]



Resident Evil Extinction (2007) The Best?

December 12, 2022 Ray Marek III

I don’t know. Measuring the Resident Evil theatrical films on a really low scale, this could be considered the best. It’s not clear as to why they went this route and how lucky the survivors […]


No Home

Severin: Crypt of the Vampire on Blu Ray

December 6, 2022 Ray Marek III

Now, I’ve never seen Crypt of the Vampire, but I’m intrigued. Christopher Lee is a draw for me and Severin is releasing the film, so who knows what we’ve got here. From Severin on Facebook: […]



Queen of the Damned 20 Years Later

December 5, 2022 Ray Marek III

First I want to begin by saying this, I was a big fan of the Vampire Chronicles from Anne Rice.  When An Interview With the Vampire was released in theaters in 1994, I was a […]