Horror News

Trailer for Saw X is HERE!

July 30, 2023 Ray Marek III

Should we care? It’s hard to believe there are 10 of these films and of course this is really Saw XIII, Jigsaw has a different title, as did Spiral which barely felt like a Saw […]

Cult Movies

Deep Cuts #5: T2….by Bruno Mattei?

July 26, 2023 RetRo(n)

Arnold. Edward Furlong. Robert Patrick. Those amazing effects that still stand tall today. Amazing time traveling mind-bending plot points. All awesome. And yet, none of those are present here. Yes, it’s Terminator 2….aka Italian shit […]

Cult Movies

Deep Cuts #4: A Snortin’ Good Time

July 19, 2023 RetRo(n)

1987’s Slaughterhouse always caught my eye at my local video store growing up, but for some unknown reason, I never got around to renting it. I pretty much rented everything else they had to offer, […]

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