31 Days of Horror: Wishmaster 2 – Evil Never Dies (1999)

Wishmast 2: Evil Never Dies

I can tell you now, the effects on Wishmaster 2 didn’t feel the same as the original Wishmaster, but for a direct-to-video movie they are really good. In general, I feel like if the same money that was put into the first one was put into the second one, it would have been hands down the best. The quick search that I did implied that the sequel had half the budget as the original, which they put to very good use.

The break down is a trio of thieves recklessly raid an art museum, because they were almost comically brutish during the theft, the alarm goes off, and a shoot out occurs. Unfortunate, only Djinn tempting MorganaMorgana survives, making a get away after killing the guard that guns down her boyfriend. During these events the Djinn is released from his fire opal prison, and begins granting poorly worded wishes. Morgana is plagued by the guilt of the blood on her hands, as well as the visions of the Djinn’s victims. With the help of an old flame turned priest, Morgana must stop the Djinn from taking 1001 souls and releasing his race upon the world.

I think this movie really built off the original and made it still feel fresh. Like the original, the Djinn visibly changes as he gains more wishes, and it is clear that he is not concerned about anything other then gaining his souls. This time they addressed some of the more obvious wishes that the originalCareful what you wish for ignored, which was nice for those that think,” Why not wish he never existed?”

Holly Fields does an excellent job presenting another heroines reaction to the Djinn. While Alexandra in the original was clever and rational, Morgana5 relies more on her gut and faith to get her through, relying on father Gregory to guild her. The Djinn does a great job of tempting anyone he comes into contact into asking for whatever they desire, even when those around him are aware of his price, they still come, which feels accurate to how it would happen in the real world.

This is a great movie, and well worth seeing. This one has several moments when the victim makes their wish and you are like,”Welp, that won’t end well.” So go watch it!

I don’t think the Wishmaster series, or the Djinn as a slasher, ever got its proper time in the spot light. I am not a big fan of remaking franchises, just because I believe there are more great ideas out there that have not been explored, but in this case I make an exception. I wouldn’t mind if Andrew Divoff could reprise the role, because like Robert Englund, he breathes life into the role and does an amazing job. If Mr. Divoff does not choose to reclaim the roll, I still think that the movie could be made amazing, the witty, clever evil waiting to claim your soul. Go watch the movies, make some noise about them, maybe your wish will be granted…


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