The Horror Jew’s Another TOP 5 Zombie Scenes

Well, here we are again with another Top 5 Zombie scenes of ALL TIME starting with…Don’t forget the first list The Horror Jew’s Top 5 Zombie Scenes.

5: FlyBoy’s Transformation (Dawn of the Dead 1978)

In 1978, George A Romero released the infamous Dawn of The Dead. The zombie apocalypse is strong with this one because this was the first time where we see survivors flee to a super mall to take shelter with near unlimited supplies. They good times are shattered when a motorcycle gang led by no other than the gore master himself, Tom Savini. After our 3 heros, Peter, Francine and Stephen (Flyboy) are out numbered and out-gunned, they flee to their escape which is the helicopter on the roof of the mall. Flyboy is able to lure the dead who corner him in a fatal elevator ride, when the doors open, FlyBoy has transformed into one of the dead, himself.

4: Lets Eat from this Contaminated Barrel (Red Neck Zombies 1989)

Here, we have a Troma classic which involves a red-dead red neck zombie redemption that all begins with a family of inbreds eating out of a barrel of green slime that reads contaminated. This is not a bad flick but make sure you watch this with your drunk friends.

3: Kill the Queen! (Shaun of the Dead 2004)

Yes, we’re having a good time, having a good time with this scene. Directed by Edger Wright (Ant-man, Hot Fuzz, Spaced series) brings us this zombie/comedy classic full of gags, laughs and of course the shear terror of the zombie plague. After deciding if was the best idea, Shaun, his friend Ed and survivors find their way to their favorite bar, The Winchester, to wait for the zombie outbreak to “blow over”. After finding the electric breaker, Shaun and his crew turn on the lights and electronics in the bar, including the jukebox which plays on random. After the crew is confronted by the zombified bar owner and his wife, Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” plays to the beat of Shaun, Ed and Liz fighting off the enemy with pool sticks in rhythm to the beat.

2: What? No Pudding? (Dead Alive Aka Brain Dead 1992)

Before he was the lord, of the rings trilogy, Peter Jackson made some fucked up but hilarious cult classics such as Brain Dead, Bad Taste and Meet the Feebles. The New Zealand native became known for some of the craziest, grotesque scenes outside of Troma. This particular scene, sickening dinner scene, makes you want to vomit everything you just ate. Also includes the other dinner scene with zombies fornicating shortly after.

1: Party’s Over (Dead Alive aka Braindead 1992)

I forgot to include this scene from my first round of top 5 zombie scenes. Lionel (Timothy Balme) loves his mother in this 50’s setting of New Zealand where an infected rat monkey was shipped to a zoo and long story short, Lionel’s mother is bit by the monkey and turns into a zombie infecting everyone she meets until she becomes the ultimate giant zombie nightmare after evolving in the basement. During her evolution, Lionel’s rotten uncle takes abruptly takes over the estate and throws a huge party and locks Lionel in the basement with all of his mother’s zombie victims including herself. The zombies break out and kill everyone at the party and Lionel must destroy all of the undead guests with a super powered lawn mower!


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