Derek Mears to Play Titular Role in DC’s SWAMP THING Series?

Back in May of 2018 it was announced that DC green lit a new episodic series of Swamp Thing, for their forthcoming digital streaming service. Today the internet is abuzz with rumors that the role of the Creature has been cast. According to multiple reports, the Creature will be played by none other than Derek Mears. Derek is obviously familiar to horror fans, donning the iconic hockey mask in Friday the 13th (2009), as well has starring roles in Hatchet 3 and Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead.

While we don’t know a whole lot about the upcoming the series, it is important to note that it appears Mears will be portraying the monster in actual creature suit, and not just the model for some CGI. The pilot episode will be written by  Mark Verheiden (Ash vs. Evil Dead) and Gary Dauberman (Annabelle movies, It [2017]), while being directed by Len Wiseman (Underworld series, Total Recall).

We’ll do our best to keep you updated with any further development’s regarding DC’s future Swamp Thing series.


Swamp Thing centers on CDC researcher Abby Arcane. When she returns to her childhood home of Houma, Louisiana, in order to investigate a deadly swamp-borne virus, she develops a surprising bond with scientist Alec Holland — only to have him tragically taken from her. But as powerful forces descend on Houma, intent on exploiting the swamp’s mysterious properties for their own purposes, Abby will discover that the swamp holds mystical secrets, both horrifying and wondrous — and the potential love of her life may not be dead after all.


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